With FLOW (fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365), you can quickly achieve 100% digitalization. Benefit from efficient and secure automation and digitalization within your document exchange process. The best part? It’s implemented seamlessly into your Microsoft ERP.  

Partnership Current Status 

The partnership between Microsoft and TIE Kinetix exists because of a rising customer demand: “I want my company to be entirely paperless, but I need to know that my data is secure.” (Spoiler alert: this is exactly what we do!) It all began when EDI-2-FLOW was launched on AppSource in 2021, and as of early 2022, we were ready for co-sell opportunities.  

In a carefully executed partnership, both companies are able to ensure that Microsoft users go 100% digital within their supply chains, while all data is kept secure in the Azure cloud. And, with the majority of Microsoft customers migrating from AX to D365, right now is the perfect time to upgrade to FLOW Partner Automation with TIE Kinetix.  

This solution is not only secure, but also scalable. This means that we make our solution fit your needs, not the other way around. Microsoft users love the easy implementation and the immediate results. That’s what helped us exchange more than 81 million documents last year.  

Partnership Importance 

Microsoft and TIE Kinetix both pride themselves on all types of strong partnerships. That’s why Microsoft constantly ensures that partners like us are thriving in their industry environment. Of course, TIE Kinetix helps Microsoft and their customers as well; we fill a supply chain digitalization gap.  

On the TIE Kinetix side, we pride ourselves on offering standardized solutions. However, standardization doesn’t mean our customers get shoved into an unnecessary solution. Offering a standard solution means that we can easily work with both partners and customers to meet their needs.  

Plus, since TIE Kinetix uses the Azure cloud to securely store all data, Microsoft customers are at an advantage since they’re already on the platform.  

Finally, invoices are able to be paid much faster than the traditional way. This is frequently appealing to smaller customers who have fewer trading partners and who may only send a few invoices a year.  

Customer Profiles 

Our customers vary widely in business needs, growth goals, and current solutions. Fortunately, it’s extremely easy for TIE Kinetix to integrate our solutions into back-end Microsoft solutions. This works for pretty much any customer, including legacy on-premise users who are now looking for automation help. It’s also a much-desired benefit, since all transactions stay completely within the existing Microsoft ERP.  

Our solutions also work for companies of all sizes. Our supplier portal allows for easy exchanges, even when customers have a ton of suppliers – the Municipality of Amsterdam, for example, has over 20,000. We’re also able to support government industries, not just commercial businesses.  

Plenty of our customers are simply looking to prioritize security within their supply chains, and the TIE Kinetix/Microsoft partnership is the perfect solution for just that, since the Azure cloud ensures our customers’ data is protected.  

To summarize, our perfect customer wants to achieve 100% digitalization within their supply chain, which includes sending invoices, orders, and delivery notes with their suppliers and trading partners – completely electronically. Our ideal customer is also looking for complete interoperability within their internal systems, as well as flexible processes, less manual work, and fewer errors within their supply chain.  

The ESG Aspect 

TIE Kinetix and Microsoft are both extremely committed to improving ESG standards on a global level. Helping customers become paperless is a huge step for the environment, of course. Those 81 million documents, for example, saved 10,000 trees last year. 

TIE Kinetix’s solution with Microsoft provides customers with a replacement to older digitization techniques and/or the printing of digitally native documents, all in the cloud. This results in reduced consumption of paper, ink, and toner, as well as GHG emissions.

Cloud computing, which has gained popularity in recent years, has many advantages, including high speed deployment, data security, solution efficiency, and cost reduction. By using the public cloud, solutions offer an additional advantage that is often overlooked: the opportunity to meet sustainability goals through energy and carbon emissions savings by utilizing public cloud infrastructure. So, while TIE Kinetix and Microsoft are exceeding our own company ESG goals, we’re also helping customers of all sizes to meet and exceed theirs as well.

Learn more about the partnership between TIE Kinetix and Microsoft here.