EDI-2-FLOW is a... 100% Digitalization Solution 

EDI-2-FLOW for D365 is a complete, 100% digitalization solution. Remember: a digital supply chain is not implementing one or more digital technologies to support a specific process. This is only half of the equation.  

A digital supply chain is, however, a supply chain with no gaps. All operational and logistical processes are accounted for with an appropriate solution (e.g., an EDI or API solution), and everything is interconnected.  

Technology aside, there’s also a human side to a digital supply chain that requires a commitment to change and effective management of that change.

In a sense, this means a digital supply chain is an end-to-end supply chain in which digital enablers (systems, applications, services, and so on) meet human initiative for full transparency at every level.  

And the benefits of a digital supply chain? Ensured data accuracy, reduced time and money, fewer errors, happier trading partners, process consistency, and increased productivity. Of course, there are more as well.  

EDI-2-FLOW is a... Solution that Overcomes Challenges 

Challenge: No clear planning.
Solution: Set goals and make a clear digitalization plan. What are your company growth goals?  

Challenge: Still developing foundational physical capabilities.  
Solution: Define your company’s capability to take on a new solution. (Here’s a hint: it’s a rather easy solution to adopt). Define the correct set-up and approach. (It differs for every company, based on goals). Execute the solution in a phased approach.  

Challenge: No organizational buy-in.
Solution: Get your trading partners on board. Have them take a look at our Microsoft partner page to learn about the benefits. 

Challenge: Lack of industry expertise.
Solution: Stick to your goals, but be prepared to be flexible in execution. You’ll have a team of industry experts from TIE Kinetix to help you at every checkpoint.  

EDI-2-FLOW is a... Solution Made Up of Best EDI Practices 

EDI must be integrated into your ERP 
EDI transactions should be validated against live ERP (master) data. This includes data like products, pricing, and inventory. ERP business processes should be leveraged in sales, purchasing, finance, warehouse, and operations. This leads to seamless reporting, history tracking, and error correction. View our Microsoft AppSource listing.  

EDI must be fully integrated with your IT landscape.  
ERP integration isn’t the only important step. This means you should ensure that your EDI solution is also integrated in your CRM, your e-commerce platform, and more. Remember, it should be 100% digital, with no gaps. Luckily, service providers like TIE Kinetix are able to integrate completely.  

Your EDI partner must have the correct solution for you.  
Make sure that your solution is flexible and scalable. At TIE Kinetix, EDI-2-FLOW for D365 is both. Download our brochure to learn more.  

EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 is an all-inclusive solution because it’s end-to-end and flexible to your business. 100% digitalization within your supply chain is not possible without a complete solution. Why not take the next step and start easy integration with your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP?