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The cut-off dates for mainstream and extended support for Dynamics AX will be here before you know it. Make the most out of your new D365 Finance & SCM environment by implementing EDI-2-FLOW, a solution that’s built to last. 

  • Define standard and conditional business rules and carry over the existing ones
  • Integrate more than EDI to achieve end-to-end visibility and eliminate data silos
  • Benefit from unrivaled supply chain transparency 
Say goodbye to code

IT can modify and set up integrations through standardized configurations without coding to easily support changing business requirements in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Manage everything in one place

Eliminate the need to work outside of your D365 Finance & SCM environment—inventory management, order management, transportation and logistics, you name it, you can handle it in D365.

Automate time-consuming processes

Automate EDI workflows in D365 for both procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes no matter how complex.

EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM is ready to go.

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The question is, are you?

Business is moving fast. If you’re exchanging hundreds of documents every month (or more) and operate D365 Finance & SCM on the back end, you know better than anyone that it’s time to automate. But in order to do that, you need seamless integration in D365, and that often takes a significant amount of time. That’s where TIE Kinetix’s D365 EDI approach is different.

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Keep your taskforce small

You don’t have to expand your IT and/or EDI team to keep the ball rolling, and with fully integrated EDI for Microsoft Dynamics, your current team can refocus on the bigger picture.

Onboard trading partners faster

Our extensive trading partner network, in combination with our pre-built maps for D365 integrations, will increase successful connections for both new and existing partners.

Automate error handling

Receive alerts before it’s too late and only take action within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment when it’s absolutely necessary.



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