Is E-invoicing Possible in Austria? 

The short answer is yes.
There are a number of political and economic processes in Europe that also influence Austrian invoicing. Let us take a look at some of them.

B2B E-invoicing Mandate in Germany 

B2B e-invoicing will be mandatory in Germany from 2025. The government has drawn up transitional regulations for companies. According to these regulations, it is important that e-invoices can be received from 2025. Of course, there will always be companies that are in no hurry to introduce a corresponding solution. For German companies, however, the switch to e-invoicing is crucial and many want to invest in a long-term solution.  

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Austrian companies with German business partners should start thinking now about how they can enable legally compliant invoice exchange for Germany and Austria from 2025. 

VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) 

ViDA is a legislative package proposed by the European Commission to modernize the VAT system for the digital age. It addresses the key challenge of VAT fraud by enabling e-invoicing, digital reporting and real-time visibility of transactions. According to ViDA, all EU member states must introduce mandatory e-invoicing from 2030. 

Digital Reporting Requirement (DRR) 

DRR is any obligation for VAT taxable persons to regularly or continuously submit data on all (or most) of their transactions in digital form to the tax authorities, including mandatory e-invoicing. DRR can be divided into periodic transaction controls (e.g. SAF-T) or continuous transaction controls (e.g. real-time reporting or mandatory e-invoicing). 

The European Union is driving forward the harmonization of e-invoicing with the Digital Reporting Requirement (DRR). DRR has the following objectives: 

  • Right now, different VAT rules in each EU country can be a headache for businesses. The EU wants to create one set of rules so things are easier to understand and follow.
  • To fight VAT fraud, the summary report (recapitulative statement) will be replaced by a new system (GDR). This new system will require businesses and their representatives to send transaction details directly to the tax authorities within 2 days of invoicing. 
  • To save businesses money and encourage digital processes, electronic invoices will become mandatory for GDRs following EU standards.

Current Status of Electronic Invoicing in Austria 

In Austria, e-invoicing is already widespread in the public sector (B2G). From 2020, public clients must receive and process invoices electronically.   

In the B2B sector, however, the use of e-invoicing is still voluntary. Currently, PDF-based invoices with the transmission channel email are the most widespread. Businesses can reap the benefits of e-invoicing through agreements with their business partners. According to Section 11 (2) UStG, "an electronic invoice is also deemed to be an invoice if the recipient has agreed to this type of invoicing". This is the reason why e-invoices are currently used less in Austria. 

In the B2C sector, on the other hand, there is currently no obligation to issue invoices electronically. 

What Is the Future of E-invoicing in Austria?

Due to the political situation, the topic of electronic invoicing has been much discussed in Austria. It is clear that Austrian companies will have to comply with the ViDA rules in the future. In the EU, two models for e-invoicing with reporting obligations are particularly relevant:  

Italian model: In Italy, all e-invoices must be transmitted to a central CTC platform (V model).

French model: In France, as in Germany, there is a decentralized exchange with validation and reporting via certified service providers.    

It has not yet been finally decided which model will be used in Austria. However, the potential for the French model in Austria is greater. 

Get Your Business Ready for Electronic Invoicing

Mandatory electronic invoicing in Austria is approaching. Are you and your company ready for the digital future? Don't miss the boat and equip yourself with the right e-invoicing solution now!  

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