Streamline Vendor Invoice Processing

Given: You are an international company headquartered in Germany with $4 million in sales and thousands of suppliers around the world. You have approximately 25,000 employees in more than 100 countries around the world. You work closely with government agencies, European Union and United Nations institutions, and private organizations. Imagine how difficult it can be to keep your accounting clear, structured, and accessible-especially when you and many of your suppliers prefer to use paper invoices.

As a result, you use an online e-invoicing portal that is seamlessly connected to your SAP ERP system. Your solution meets end-to-end security and reliability standards. All your customer data is secure throughout the document exchange process in the supply chain, reducing errors and minimizing the risk of cyber-attacks. The invoices you issue to your suppliers are always compliant with your domestic and country-specific B2G and B2B e-invoicing regulations. You can process this invoice data quickly and easily, and comply with invoice archiving regulations.

Digitalization at Its Best

At the beginning of our partnership in 2019, one of our Customers had a completely paper-based workflow for processing local and international documents. In order to comply with legal requirements and provide a suitable solution for suppliers with different needs, SPS Commerce provided a comprehensive e-invoicing portal for numerous suppliers.

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Now, all of its suppliers can participate in a fast and secure online registration process that allows them to submit their invoices in the appropriate electronic format (in this case the German XRechnung) via the portal using SPS Commerce's FLOW Partner Automation platform. 

This case vividly illustrates the pressing need for international enterprises to embrace secure invoice exchange solutions, empowering them to seamlessly send and receive documents electronically across a spectrum of trading partners – especially medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. For larger companies with an extensive network of suppliers, the ability to use secure invoice exchange not only provides instant access to critical data, but also enables easy integration into existing workflows. Automation becomes the norm, revolutionizing the procure-to-pay process and freeing up valuable time and resources for strategic endeavors.

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Why Choose Us?

As an international company with a dedicated local team in Germany, SPS Commerce helps companies all across the world to meet all country-specific regulatory requirements and support global collaboration. Our FLOW Partner Automation Portal solution is your gateway to effortless bi-directional data exchange. Say goodbye to the headaches of disjointed systems and workflows. With FLOW Partner Automation, integration becomes a breeze, empowering your business to thrive in today's fast-paced global marketplace.

SPS Commerce is an active member of key industry associations such as EESPA (European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association), ChorusPro, Digipoort, PEPPOL and other organizations dedicated to a secure and compliant e-invoicing process. Our commitment to industry standards reflects our dedication to your success.

By choosing SPS Commerce as your e-invoicing service provider, not only can your international locations remain compliant in every country in which they operate. Your international suppliers will also be able to exchange invoices quickly and legally, without the need for additional knowledge of e-invoicing requirements in different countries. Send us a message to learn how you can benefit from our e-invoicing solution.