ESG Strategy 

Our ESG strategy is linked to and supported by our company values. As we continue to invest in meeting our ESG targets, we are constantly evaluating our current progress (a process very similar to the way that we constantly optimize our FLOW Partner Automation platform).  

Openness & Honesty 

As an organization, we aim to excel by working closely with all of our stakeholders. We maintain an open, honest, and active dialogue with our stakeholders, shareholders, colleagues, customers, and suppliers.  

By providing a variety of solutions to our customers that can be fit individually to their needs, we are constantly evaluating growth potential and ensuring that each customer receives the best possible solution for their business.  

Trust & Togetherness  

With transparency and honesty, trust and togetherness thrive. Creating and maintaining a team spirit with all individuals involved with TIE Kinetix in our operations, activities, and initiatives is what we aim for on a day-to-day basis. These values enable us to reach our shared and individual goals alongside each other.  

At TIE Kinetix, we share our development updates on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that all team members are informed of any internal changes that may affect our customers, as well as any other internal updates that may be pertinent. Communication is key to ensure that our business is running efficiently for both employees and customers.  

Competence & Quality 

As a knowledge-intensive software company, we continuously build our competence and our quality on an organizational and individual level. We foster a culture of continuous personal development as we are positive that through competence and quality as fundamental features of our organization, we will subsequently add value to our stakeholders’ investments.  

All employees are trained on our products to provide the best possible service to our current and potential customers. Similarly, we are always adapting to the industry demands and developments that may play a role in the solutions we provide. Research and development throughout the company are crucial to our strategy.  

You can read our FY2022 ESG Report here.