What is ESG? 

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) targets are becoming increasingly important in any successful company’s operations. ESG targets are non-financial factors that investors use to measure a company’s sustainability. These can include green energy initiatives (environmental), human rights (social), and diversity of board members (governance). ESG targets can be met in a multitude of ways, as long as they are indications of a sustainable company mindset. 

ESG vs. CSR 

Often, ESG can be confused with corporate social responsibility (CSR). While CSR is relevant for a company that wants to improve the conditions of its local community or the environment, ESG defines the factors that are taken into consideration for the larger goal of sustainability. Both ESG and CSR are carefully inspected by any potential or current investor when determining the worth of the company, and both indicate how a company views and treats its employees, its customers, and its environment.  

TIE Kinetix’s ESG Strategy 

TIE Kinetix has always acknowledged the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), including the benefits to the overall wellbeing of the company, its employees, the environment, and society in general.  

With the adoption of ESG targets into TIE Kinetix’s overall mission, we are translating our established CSR standards into environmental, social, and governance factors by integrating them into our company strategy, policymaking, planning, and decision-making – all with the goal of ensuring our contributions are measurable and effective.  

Our ESG strategy is based on two pillars:  

  1. The impact of our solutions on the supply chain
  2. The impact of our own day-to-day operations

Our Solutions 

TIE Kinetix enables its customers to provide a meaningful contribution to their own corporate social responsibility. Therefore, our FLOW Partner Automation Platform contributes to our customers’ ESG goals.  

Our Organization 

TIE Kinetix is committed to balancing business growth and shareholder value with our corporate social responsibility goals. We measure and report on our ESG performance both internally and externally.  

Why We Do It 

TIE Kinetix has defined how we want to achieve our goals and realize our strategy so as to provide our customers with the best possible document exchange solutions. Therefore, we hold ourselves to values such as openness, trust, and quality within the operations of our business. In the execution of our ESG strategy, we aim to contribute to the realization of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in a meaningful way.  

Looking to the Future  

This is the first year that TIE Kinetix has published an ESG report, which can be found here. The Executive Board of TIE Kinetix is tentatively setting ESG targets in respect to the execution of the company’s ESG strategy for the coming years. Check back for more updates as these goals are established and realized over the coming years.