Arjan Sloot studied Business Economics at Hanzehogeschool Groningen. He has been active in the IT and Software sector for more than 25 years. When Arjan joined TIE Kinetix in 2017, he started as Senior Vice President EMEA Business Development to further develop the company’s footprint across Europe and expand its partner relationships. In October 2019, Arjan proceeded to become the Country Manager for TIE Kinetix Benelux. As the country manager for the Benelux region, Arjan is responsible for overseeing all activities in the region.

Before TIE Kinetix

Before joining TIE Kinetix, Arjan has led other organizations and successfully helped develop software companies moved to a SaaS-based business model. As the former CEO of Dutch based SRC System Integrators (2001-2016), he has helped develop SRC to become a leading player in Product Information Management and Business-to-Business EDI solutions.