The Solution

Sodexo chose TIE Kinetix because TIE Kinetix’s e-invoicing solution can be combined with its latest software platform for EDI integration. This provides Sodexo with a combined solution for streamlining invoices both to and from SAP, whether based on purchase orders or not. Another argument is the solution’s user-friendliness thanks to its web-based user interface.

Martijn van der Woerd, CFO, Sodexo
"With TIE Kinetix we have found a solution which our teams can use very easily, keeping the number of operational activities to a minimum."
Martijn van der Woerdt CFO, Sodexo

Prior to implementing TIE Kinetix’s solution platform, invoices used to be processed on-site. Each invoice used to be copied, compiled and twice a month all gathered invoices were sent to Sodexo headquarters. These invoices were then reviewed on important aspects like the invoice number and VAT information. In case the invoice did not match 100%, it had to be adjusted manually - a time-consuming process.

With TIE Kinetix, all non-order based invoices are now directly send to headquarters. Our EDI integration platform uses PDF or XML conversion to send the provisional booking to SAP, without this being visible on the front-end. Manually processing paper invoices now belongs to the past and has become 100% digital and automated. The solution also features Auto-Coding and a SAP connector that reveals potential bottlenecks, so that SAP can be managed properly, and invoices are processed efficiently and on time which in turn saves a huge amount of time.