“TIE Kinetix worked very closely with the technical and business teams of Clopay to provide a SAS 70 compliant Outsourced solution utilizing Data center infrastructure provided by SUNGUARD Availability Services®. This solution not only supported the integration of the company’s internal business processes, but more importantly enabled direct connections between the business processes of Clopay and its trading partners.

TIE Kinetix’ user interface provided Clopay with an easy-to-use system with any-to-any mapping capabilities that ensured flexibility enough for future integration efforts. Using this powerful combination gives Clopay the flexibility to rapidly implement new e-commerce processes with their Oracle Applications Suite to increase visibility, efficiency and response to market conditions.

Clopay needed the implementation to be seamless to their trading partners and worked with TIE Kinetix on a detailed project plan with specific expectations from both parties. Clopay worked with TIE Kinetix to set up a reconciliation process to ensure the accuracy of all inbound and outbound transactions. In a very short timeframe, Clopay had outsourced all its EDI translation, mapping development and enhancements, new trading partner set ups, daily reconciliation, error troubleshooting and communications to TIE Kinetix.