Oracle Supply Chain Management/ERP Cloud  

As most Oracle users are aware, procurement, order management, financials, inventory management, and supply chain collaboration are all features of Oracle SCM/ERP Cloud. With the Collaboration Messaging Framework (CMK) that’s pre-integrated with the Oracle Business Network (OBN), users gain access to pre-built integration with 3rd party B2B service providers (like TIE Kinetix).  

Users can send invoices (and other business documents) through Oracle SCM, straight to TIE Kinetix’s FLOW platform. 

Remember, since the CMK is an SCM Common Component, there’s no additional fee for this connector. However, you do need a subscription with TIE Kinetix for the document traffic. Plus, the CMK can be combined with Oracle Integration (OIC) for end-to-end EDI, and truly seamless integration.  

TIE Kinetix FLOW  

Once the invoice is received by TIE Kinetix, it’s analyzed, validated, and pushed to PEPPOL. Since TIE Kinetix is a Certified Peppol Access Point, Oracle users can take advantage of a global reach with only one single connection.  

Other benefits of TIE Kinetix’s direct connection to Peppol include a compliance guarantee, secure communication, and invoice responses. These benefits all ensure that the message is sent/delivered correctly, securely, and on time.  

Third-Party Trading Partners 

After the invoice is pushed to Peppol, it’s sent to the third-party trading partner. These trading partners could be customers, suppliers, government agencies, manufacturers, or logistics providers. The invoice is then received, completely electronically.  

Now, thanks to the Peppol Network, which supports all exchanges in line with the Peppol BIS 3.0 specification, they can send an invoice response message. This message travels all the way back through TIE Kinetix FLOW/Peppol, and then back to the Oracle user. The advantage of the invoice response message is that users can guarantee that the invoice has been received by their trading partner.