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Simplify EDI configurations. 

IT can modify and set up integrations through standardized SYSPRO EDI configurations to easily support changing business requirements.



Automate time-consuming processes. 

Automate SYSPRO EDI workflows for both procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes no matter how complex—files are flawlessly converted to XML files or any other format you may need.


Keep your taskforce small. 

You don’t have to expand your IT and/or EDI team to keep the ball rolling. With EDI for SYSPRO, your current team can refocus on the bigger picture. From the initial implementation to ongoing exchanges, have the confidence that everything will be taken care of by a trusted SYSPRO partner: TIE Kinetix.

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With EDI for SYSPRO Powered by TIE Kinetix, you get the best of both worlds: speedy setup and top-notch EDI software

Outsourcing EDI adds measurable value to your business by increasing productivity and lowering costs associated with business-to-business integration. And with our standard SYSPRO connection, you’ll benefit from SYSPRO EDI automation in no time. In fact, you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to manage EDI on your own in the first place.


Manage everything in one place. 

Eliminate the need to work outside of your SYSPRO environment—inventory management, order management, transportation and logistics, you name it, you can handle it directly within your SYSPRO ERP.


Automate error handling. 

Receive alerts before it’s too late and only take action within SYSPRO when it’s absolutely necessary. Benefit from reduced errors and chargebacks.


Onboard trading partners faster. 

Our extensive trading partner network, in combination with our pre-built maps for SYSPRO integrations, will increase successful connections with new and existing partners. 


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