October 9th, 2020

With all of the challenges facing procurement today, it’s important to encourage trading partner collaboration and eliminate, or at least minimize, physical document handling. Especially when it comes to managing manufacturing operations. That’s where supply chain management meets your ERP.

To put this into perspective, TIE Kinetix recently participated in a webinar with SYSPRO (one of our ERP partners) to showcase how SYSPRO customers have a unique opportunity to improve their supply chain operations directly through their SYSPRO ERP system. EDI for SYSPRO Powered by TIE Kinetix is a convenient and scalable solution for SYSPRO customers to send and receive electronic documents with any trading partner, and in any format, with a pre-built connector. That means SYSPRO customers can immediately take advantage of streamlined procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes with trading partners to increase velocity to market.

You can always watch the full webinar here—it only lasts about 30 minutes. But if you’re more of the “give me the highlights” type, you’re in the right place.

B2B Document Exchange Is On The Rise

“The volume of B2B data exchange continues to increase. Almost all companies who interviewed for this report have seen the volume of data exchanged increase over the last five years. For some, the increase has been 20% to more than 50% every year—and they do not see any signs that this growth will slow down over the next half-decade.” – The Future of B2B Integration, Forrester  

EDI Is No Walk In The Park

Even after choosing to manage EDI operations in-house, many organizations end up moving to an EDI Managed Services provider because it’s just too much of a hassle. From creating a direct integration into an ERP application to the overall cost, there are a lot of reasons to choose to outsource EDI. Especially when the integration comes standard with the ERP, which is the case for EDI for SYSPRO Powered by TIE Kinetix.

Manual Entry Should Be Avoided At All Costs

There’s simply too much to lose. In today’s competitive business environment, no one can afford mistakes and there’s no time to waste. The manufacturing industry is just one example of a high-stakes operational environment in which one tiny slip can trigger months-long production delays. And since purchase orders, invoices, and the like only seem to be getting more complex, it’s best to prevent issues where you can. Supply chain costs are high enough as it is.

SYSPRO Customers Are In Luck

EDI for SYSPRO Powered by TIE Kinetix enables streamlined communication across the board, not only with customers and suppliers, but with logistics, financial institutions, and more. SYSPRO customers can immediately begin increasing the value of their ERP while beginning to understand supply chain activity with detailed reports.

That’s Not All

Watch the full webinar for more details, plus a demo of our FLOW platform to see EDI for SYSPRO in action.