March 31, 2021 - Breukelen, the Netherlands at 8 AM CEST

The end-to-end solution is immediately available for Dynamics 365 users worldwide

TIE Kinetix announced today that their EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 solution is now available in Microsoft AppSource, an exclusive resource (app) center for Microsoft users. Following a successful global rollout, the AppSource listing further positions the solution as the prime choice for fully integrated, end-to-end EDI for Dynamics 365 users worldwide.

Microsoft AppSource is a comprehensive database of compatible business solutions (apps) that enable innovation and drive business outcomes. The inclusion process is highly selective, thus establishing EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 as not only a viable solution but a progressive solution—one that has the potential to utterly transform operations by eliminating the need for Dynamics 365 users to navigate between multiple systems to accomplish daily tasks.

Earlier this year, TIE Kinetix announced the global expansion of their partnership with To-Increase, a three-time Microsoft Dynamics Global Outstanding ISV of the Year. Their joint offering, EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365, was released globally at this time. This introduced an immediate opportunity for Dynamics 365 users to simplify EDI implementation with a fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution that runs fully in the Azure cloud.

“It’s one thing for us to say that our EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 solution offers a true end-to-end experience for Dynamics 365 users, but our AppSource listing provides verification,” says Jan Sundelin, CEO, TIE Kinetix. “It’s unique in itself to provide a fully integrated EDI solution for Dynamics 365, but we take that even further by giving users the option to digitize all incoming and outgoing documents with our additional services—PDF-2-FLOW and PORTAL-2-FLOW. With our own capabilities and Microsoft’s support, we’re looking forward to helping even more businesses achieve 100% supply chain digitalization.”

EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 is available for Dynamics 365 users worldwide. See the new EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 listing in Microsoft AppSource for more details.

About TIE Kinetix

At TIE Kinetix, we deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to companies, governmental institutions, and their suppliers, to help them exchange all business documents electronically and simplify supply chain processes as a result. FLOW Partner Automation, our software platform, empowers its users to engage in smart business exchanges and streamline communication through seamless integration with any existing system. Since 1987, we have supported all EDI and e-invoicing standards and communication methods worldwide. Today, our global team of experts share their knowledge with our 2,500+ customers, facilitating the exchange of over 81 million documents through FLOW each year.

TIE Kinetix is a public company (Euronext: TIE), and has offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Australia, and the United States. For more information, visit, and follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Xing, and YouTube.

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