One of the questions PwC posed, “How do your resilience and your workforce strategies fit together?” is extremely relevant in the electronic document exchange industry. These days, resilience in the workforce is not just about having an immediate “emergency” solution at hand; it’s much more nuanced than that. In 2023's unsteady economy, companies must be constantly thinking of ways to grow, often by investing in technological solutions that will help make day-to-day business processes secure and efficient. This can help ensure resilience in the case of sudden changes in company operations.  

Workforce Strategies for Resilient Operations 

So, what kind of workforce strategies should your company be considering in order to stay resilient in this economy? Well, let’s start with the obvious. 

Automation: Most (if not all) of your business processes should be automated at this point. If you still have teams of people who are doing menial tasks like mailing ASNs, entering invoice data manually, or emailing PDFs with important data inside, you’re behind the curve. A digitalization solution for your supply chain can help ensure that you aren’t wasting time with menial tasks, and (sometimes more importantly), your data is protected from cyber-attacks.  

Security: Speaking of cyber-attacks, it’s high time you’re prepared for them. As these attacks become more sophisticated, they also become harder to bounce back from. A secure connection to your trading partners is an easy way to keep your data protected. TIE Kinetix, for example, is a certified PEPPOL Access Point, which ensures that customer data is always being sent over a secure network. 

Flexibility: A few years ago, most employees had never imagined they’d be working from home. Today, it’s practically the norm in many cases. Data needs to be flexible and accessible in order to ensure there are no gaps within day-to-day operations. With a personalized supply chain solution from a service provider like TIE Kinetix, your solution will fit your needs no matter what they look like.  

Technology Investments  

It's probably pretty obvious where we’re headed with this particular blog: to stay resilient within your company operations, you must invest in technology. At TIE Kinetix, we understand the urge to put off anything that feels like a time-consuming or complicated implementation process. However, our solutions really aren’t either of those things.

With pre-integrated global mapping and one secure connection to all trading partners, you can be up and running with your supply chain digitalization solution in days, with virtually no interrupted operations. The benefits are massive: security, sustainability, long-term cost-savings... the list can go on and on.  

Get Started Today – Learn More! 

If you’re a decision maker in your company and you want to start preparing for the future, these are questions that you should probably start asking yourself when evaluating the preparedness of your business. There are certain technologies and practices that you can implement within your business (often very easily, like our products that are integrated directly into your ERP system) to help keep your business more secure and efficient.