29 December 2020

A packing slip, also called a delivery slip, is sent with a package when it is shipped. A packing slip describes the contents of the package and important information about the supplier. It is important that this is sent, as the packing slip allows the buyer to verify that all products ordered have been received.

A packing slip must contain at least the following elements:

  • Supplier details
  • Shipment date
  • Type of products in the package (with article code)
  • Number of products in the package

Sometimes additional elements can be incorporated into a packing slip:

  • Customer data
  • Supplier payment information
  • The price of the products
  • Product numbers
  • Any products yet to be delivered

What is a DESADV?

As with invoices, there is also an electronic version of the packing slip. This is called a DESADV message (DESpatch ADVice message), or electronic packing slip. A DESADV is an EDIFACT message (an EDI standard) that, like the packing slip, contains information about the supplier, the customer, the time of shipment, an item code (EAN, GTIN or SKU code) per item, and the number of items.

The increasingly popular extended version also includes data per pallet, the products per pallet with the corresponding THT data, batch codes (SSCC) and packaging numbers. With the increase in the use of the expanded version of the DESADV, it is becoming increasingly important to avoid double manual entry as much as possible, especially when it comes to long codes. Thus, TIE Kinetix makes it possible to print SSCC barcode labels directly from the DESADV to save time and ensure accuracy.

What is a Serial Shipment Container Code (SSCC)?

SSCC is a unique identifier. An SSCC label is internationally recognized and is used for pallets and containers. The SSCC label is usually combined with the DESADV and is automatically linked in the ERP or Warehouse Management system when the SSCC is scanned. The SSCC also enables the track and trace of pallets and containers.

The benefits of using a SSCC is that it helps with inventory management, it is clear when and where a package has been or will be delivered, you comply with quality requirements and regulations, and shipments are traceable.

Why Choose an Electronic Packing Slip?

Besides the fact that an electronic packing slip can be used to automate the invoicing process, speeding up the process and saving time and costs, there are other advantages to using a DESADV. Namely, the supplier can announce the shipment in advance, even with a time. This allows the buyer to check the data even before receiving the shipment and reject it if necessary (if it has not yet been shipped). Also, the buyer can already prepare the processes before receiving the shipment.

More and more companies are opting for electronic packing slips. Wehkamp, for example, decided in early 2020 to stop sending packing slips to their customers. This will save them the ink, energy and paper of some 11 million packing slips a year, which saves over 200 trees a year!