No two companies follow the same path to modernizing their supply chain, but successful supply chain transformation projects share some important characteristics.

The decision to move ERP to the cloud represents an important opportunity to embrace broader changes in both supply chain-related tools and processes including digitizing documents, improving inter-company transactions, and developing ways to take a productive approach to ongoing technology improvement.

Show Notes:

  • 1:30 - A broad view of what it means to digitize a supply chain
  • 4:30 - How much paper and manual work still exists in companies today?
  • 6:30 - What are typical ways for companies to become inefficient?
  • 9:00 - Who is leading a supply chain transformation initiative?
  • 13:00 - Supply chain technology improvements and the connection to process modernization
  • 15:00 - The types of team members needed on a transformation project
  • 16:30 - The impact of change on trading partners
  • 18:30 - More recommendations on successful initiatives
  • 22:00 - How to keep the momentum for embracing modern tools over the long term