As Director of Sales and Partnerships at SPS Commerce, Natascha brings more than 25 years of channel marketing strategy, business development, and optimizing the online & offline sales conversion in the supply chain.

Natascha is passionate about helping organizations achieve their digital supply chain goals. She is a strategic thinker with a deep understanding of the supply chain industry and the challenges and opportunities that businesses face. She is also a strong advocate for collaboration and partnerships.

Before SPS Commerce

Following her earlier leadership roles as the Senior Vice President Enterprise Business Development and Country Manager Benelux at TIE Kinetix. Natascha continues to work on optimizing all business processes in the supply chain by digitizing, automating and optimizing processes for a better commercial result.

Natascha has held senior leadership positions in sales, business development, and country management. She has a proven track record of success in developing and executing strategic sales plans, building and managing high-performing sales teams, and closing complex deals.