Juanvi's position as CTO is essential in the realization of TIE Kinetix’s vision, putting in place the development and collaboration mechanisms and strategies to bring together the different TIE Kinetix solutions in the unique FLOW Partner Automation SaaS platform.

In 2012, Juan Vicente Vidagany Espert (1973) started collaborating with TIE Kinetix as Senior Researcher in the RDI Department, and held the Kinetix Product Owner position since 2014.

Before SPS Commerce

Mr. Juan Vicente Vidagany Espert holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering and has over 18 years of experience. He has coordinated teams and developed solutions in the areas of data integration and synchronization, e-business (B2B and B2C), semantic web, competitive intelligence and social networks. In Spain, he co-founded a company (CTO) in the early 2000s dealing with B2B research, solutions for customers and development of SaaS products for market and intelligence watch and innovation management. He has been participating and leading different EU and national projects since 1998 under different roles, from technical staff, to technical coordinator, or project external advisory board member.