November 21 - 2012 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

TIE Holding N.V. (“TIE”) reports the following highlights with regard to the Fourth Quarter of FY2012 (July 1, 2012 – September 30, 2012) and the fiscal year 2012 (October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012).

Business Results:

  • Total Income for the Fourth Quarter FY2012 amounts to € 3,451k, an increase of 29% compared to the same period in FY2011 (€ 2,684k).
  • Total Comprehensive Income for the Fourth Quarter FY2012 amounts to € 521k, an increase of 51% compared to the same period in FY2011 (€ 344k).
  • SaaS revenue is € 1,237k for the Fourth Quarter FY2012 (36% of Total Income), an increase of 17% compared to € 1,060k in the same period in FY2011 (39% of Total Income).
  • Total Income for FY2012 amounts to € 12,494k an increase of 17% compared to FY2011 (€ 10,671k).
  • Total Comprehensive Income for FY2012 amounts to € 703k, an increase of 79% compared to FY2011 (€ 393k), partly due to an improvement in operating activities and due to the capitalization of deferred tax assets.
  • The net cash flow from operating activities for FY2012 amounts to € 1,009k (FY2011: € 958k).

Mr. Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE, comments: 

“Our E-commerce and Content Syndication suites showed a growth of 39% in FY2012 compared to FY2011 and over the last six months of FY2012 even a growth of 51% comparing to the same period in FY2011.

In France we had to impair TIE France, due to the loss of ADEC. Further, we decided to reorganize TIE France by opening a sales office in Paris.

With the acquisition of ascention per October 1, 2012, we now have a footprint in DACH area. On the same date we also opened an office in the UK.

Starting from January 2013, TIE Netherlands, TIE MamboFive and TIE Light will move to one new single office, with the aim to further improve efficiency of the operation in the Netherlands.”

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Profile TIE Kinetix
TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing Total Integrated E-commerce solutions. These solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy required to market, sell and deliver online. Customers and partners of TIE Kinetix constantly benefit from innovative, field tested, state-of-the-art technologies, which are backed by over 25 years of experience and prestigious awards. TIE Kinetix makes technology to perform, such that customers and partners can focus on their core business.

TIE Kinetix is a public company (NYSE Euronext: TIE Holding), and has offices in the United States, the Netherlands, France and Australia.


Submitted by Investor Relations on Wed, 11/21/2012