January 15th, 2018 - Breukelen, the Netherlands

TIE Kinetix, the leading provider of cloud-managed Business Integration, E-Commerce, Demand Generation, and Business Analytics services today announces that its supervisory board, consisting of Mr. A. Veth, Mr. E. Honée and Mr. D. Lindenbergh, has resigned with immediate effect.

Over the past 18 months numerous discussions with larger shareholders have taken place on the growth strategy of TIE Kinetix. Various alternatives have been considered and explored. Recently this has led to the understanding that TIE Kinetix shall continue to follow the existing organic growth strategy. The members of the supervisory board strongly supported alternative high growth strategies, including equity funding and non-organic growth.

In view of the shortly expiring term of Mr. Lindenbergh as supervisory director, recent discussions have taken place on Mr. Lindenbergh's re-appointment. In the course of these discussions it has become apparent that a material difference of opinion exists between the supervisory board and the majority of larger shareholders on the composition of the supervisory board. As a result hereof, after careful consultation, the supervisory board has decided that it suits TIE Kinetix and its stakeholders better when the supervisory board will collectively resign with immediate effect, thereby making way for a new supervisory board that will have the support of the TIE Kinetix stakeholders.

The respective supervisory directors remain available if and when TIE Kinetix would require their assistance and advice, whether in view of a proper transfer of the supervisory board function to their successors or otherwise.

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