March 25, 2021 - Breukelen, the Netherlands at 8 AM CET

TIE Kinetix Sponsors Factuurcongres as Platinum Partner

TIE Kinetix is proud to announce that they are a Platinum Partner for the upcoming Factuurcongres (Invoice Congress), the annual event for invoice automation and digitalization in finance and procurement in the Netherlands. As the only partner with Platinum status, TIE Kinetix serves as the strongest advocate for supply chain digitalization in one of the most important events of the year.

Factuurcongres will take place entirely online from April 21st to May 20th, 2021. As the leading e-invoicing service provider in the Netherlands with a core commitment to helping businesses achieve 100% supply chain digitalization, TIE Kinetix will serve as the event’s top sponsor. This year, the program is centered around e-invoicing as a catalyst for e-procurement with the aim of inspiring organizations to futureproof their businesses. The exclusive event offers different tracks for organizations in all phases of e-invoicing—exploratory, start-up, and mature.

TIE Kinetix has helped the Municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and more, to realize successful e-invoicing implementation and supplier onboarding. The company will share their extensive knowledge and experience during a live roundtable discussion as well as during an on-demand talk show and interview. Both sessions will be led by TIE Kinetix’s Arjan Sloot, Country Manager, Benelux.

“Every year, Factuurcongres leads the discussion on the future of e-invoicing in the Netherlands,” says Jan Sundelin, CEO, TIE Kinetix. “This year’s theme recognizes that more and more organizations are adopting e-invoicing, and they don’t want to stop there. As a Platinum Partner, TIE Kinetix is able to share first-hand knowledge and guide these organizations on a successful path to digital transformation in finance and procurement.”

The topics that will be covered during this year’s Factuurcongres are as follows: challenges in supplier onboarding, use of PEPPOL in practice, streamlining and integrating processes, standards and interoperability, role of the government, e-invoicing in the e-procurement cycle, the key to successful purchase-to-pay (P2P) implementation, AR/AP automation, procurement as a service, new and emerging technologies (AI, blockchain, RPA), and more.

Interested in attending Factuurcongres? TIE Kinetix invites interested professionals to register for free.

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