April 30th, 2020 - Breukelen, the Netherlands at 8 AM CEST

Document exchange and lead management just got easier

TIE Kinetix, the leading provider of Partner Automation solutions, announced the FLOW Partner Automation Spring Release 2020 today. The release features a new user interface in Document Exchange and enhanced interoperability between FLOW and Google Ads for advanced lead management capabilities. Other updates include platform-wide functionality improvements, developments for manually entered documents, and updated reporting across all modules.  All new features and functionalities are immediately available to all TIE Kinetix customers who use the FLOW platform.

FLOW is continuously optimized to meet the ever-evolving needs of TIE Kinetix customers.To elaborate, the new user interface in Document Exchange includes an updated homepage that displays an overview of all activities, including system health. In Lead Management, users are now able to view leads in an easy-to-read format. Additionally, three new attributes are given to each lead to better manage them to success: Qualification, Conversion Likelihood (in %), and Recommended Asset.

Platform-wide, admins can now easily add new users and assign roles, as well as ‘whitelist’ or ‘block’ widgets at the user level for quicker onboarding and improved user management. For manually entered documents, users can now choose between different user interfaces, with the option for a simplified user interface that provides a more user-friendly experience for non-technical users. Updated reporting enables customers to view the evolution of each lead generated for partners, while a new operational report for integration customers provides an on-demand overview of their system environment.

It is also important to note the following FLOW upgrades:

  • Configure customer-specific Terms & Conditions in different languages on platform login screen
  • Support for FIPS algorithms in cryptography service
  • New Content Management System (CMS) module to manage content [in FLOW v2 beta]
  • More detail pages in Campaign Automation
  • Option to configure automated email for leads moved to nurturing
  • Lead forecast improvement in Lead Management for number of leads generated

Jan Sundelin, CEO, TIE Kinetix, states: “Over the past few months, working conditions have changed, but we have made it a priority to keep moving forward. Our customers’ needs are top-of-mind, and we believe FLOW’s updates this quarter have created a much more user-friendly environment with a better overview of all system activities in various modules. Moving forward, our platform will only continue to advance, with the official release of FLOW v2 coming soon.”

The FLOW Partner Automation Spring Release 2020 consists of developments and improvements for the entire FLOW platform and various modules. For a detailed overview of the improvements, please visit: https://tiekinetix.com/flow-spring-release-2020

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