February 25, 2021 - Breukelen, the Netherlands at 8 AM CET

Data mirroring in two cloud instances ensures data resiliency and continuity

TIE Kinetix announced today that a custom-made Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is now available to new and existing FLOW Partner Automation customers. The DRC supports real-time disaster recovery with continuous data replication in two cloud locations and ensures business continuity in under five minutes.

“No business can afford extended downtime, data loss, or lack of support in a crisis situation. It’s even worse when something happens and you know that it could have been prevented,” says Juan Vicente Vidagany Espert, CTO, TIE Kinetix. “Not to mention, a traditional recovery process could last a few days. Our DRC gets you up and running in a matter of minutes, and it’s complete with 24/7 support. You can’t put a price on that level of security.”

The added security comes from the assurance that all data is continuously replicated in more than one public or private cloud instance for SaaS and Managed Services customers respectively, as well as the comfort that support can be reached outside of normal business hours. This extends to multi-location support, along with the guarantee that the location in which the data is stored is in line with individual business and legal requirements.

Supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a revived interest in the topics of supply chain resiliency and business continuity. Electronic document exchange is repeatedly flagged as a high-priority item in these discussions and has received increased media attention as a result. The DRC is part of a larger company initiative to migrate existing customer data to two clouds: Microsoft Azure (for all customer data) and Google (for front-end application data). This is in line with the company’s strategic 2016 decision to move away from local cloud suppliers in favor of the two major cloud suppliers listed.

“We recognize that many of our customers are actively seeking new ways to ensure business continuity in the case of an unexpected event,” says Jan Sundelin, CEO, TIE Kinetix. “We’re doing everything we can to address the immediacy of this need by upgrading our cloud infrastructure and providing our customers with a tailor-made solution for their concerns.”  

The cloud migration decision and new DRC enable TIE Kinetix to provide their customers with the best possible business continuity assurance. This level of security would not be possible without the combined infrastructure of Microsoft and Google, both of which have highly secure data centers around the world and provide the option to store data in any given region. Additionally, both suppliers offer global and regional compliance for country- and industry-specific needs. This includes, but is not limited to, the following certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, GDPR, SOC 1,2, and 3, PCI DSS, WCAG, GxP, EU-US Privacy Shield, and CDSA.

TIE Kinetix supports all EDI and e-invoicing standards worldwide and is dedicated to providing their customers with best-in-class service. With the advantages of the Microsoft Azure and Google Clouds in combination with the DRC, TIE Kinetix customers benefit from near-unlimited scalability, high reliability, and enhanced data protection. For SaaS customers, the DRC will be included on all premium service-level agreements (SLA) going forward. SaaS customers with a standard SLA may also request a custom DRC for an additional monthly fee. Managed Services customers are also eligible for the DRC following an individual quote.

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