August 13 - 2014 - Breukelen, The Netherlands

Third Quarter Interim Management Statement (period April 1  – June 30, 2014).

  • Total revenue increased by 53% to € 5.324k (Q3 2013: € 3.473k)
  • Excl. TFT total revenue increased by 1.2% to € 3.515k (Q3 2013: € 3.473k)
  • E-Commerce revenue increased with 92% to € 946k (Q3 2013: € 492k)
  • Excl. TFT E-Commerce revenue increased with 46% to 720k (Q3 2013: € 492k)
  • Demand Generation revenue increased with 274% to € 1.387k (Q3 2013: € 371k)
  • Excl. TFT Demand Generation revenue decreased with 33% to € 247k (Q3 2013: € 371k)
  • SaaS and hosting revenue increased by 100% to € 2.229k (Q3 2013: € 1.114k)
  • Excl. TFT SaaS and hosting revenue increased by 32% to € 1.471k (Q3 2013: € 1.114k)
  • EBITDA amounts to € 360k (Q3 2013: € - 124k)
  • EBIT amounts to € 153k (Q3 2013: € - 430k)


Highlights Q3 2014 - TIE Kinetix

TIE Kinetix, the leading provider of cloud-managed Demand Generation, E-Commerce, Integration and Analytics & Optimization services today released its interim management statement for Q3 of its fiscal 2014. 

Business Highlights
In April TIE Kinetix’ Integration product was positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the inaugural Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integration Brokerage (IB)[1].  The recognition is based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Also in April, analyst firm SiriusDecisions released a vendor brief outlining the features and functionality of TIE Kinetix’s Demand Generation Platform for Channel Marketing. TIE Kinetix makes it easy for channel marketers to accelerate customer demand and increase sales conversion for their partner community.

 Revenue by Type - Q3 2013-2014

Revenue by Region - Q3 2013-2014

During the quarter the company completed an upgrade of its ERP application requiring an investment of around € 350k, which was financed through the RABO overdraft facility. This will be repaid from the company’s operating cash flow. At the end of Q3, 2014 shareholders’ equity amounted to € 5.326 (Q2, 2014: € 5.185) and the company held a net cash position of € - 751k. This cash position subsequently evolved to € -516k at August 12th.
TIE Kinetix is changing its organizational responsibilities to exploit the benefits of cross selling products and services across new and existing customers worldwide. As from October 2014 onwards, our segment reporting will change from geographical segments to Business Line segments.

See a PDF copy of this press release in attached document.

About TIE Kinetix
TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing Total Integrated E-commerce solutions. These solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy required to market, sell, deliver and analyze online. Customers and partners of TIE Kinetix constantly benefit from innovative, field tested, state-of-the-art technologies, which are backed by over 25 years of experience and prestigious awards. TIE Kinetix makes technology to perform, so that customers and partners can focus on their core business.

TIE Kinetix is a public company (NYSE Euronext: TIE), and has offices in the United States, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom and Australia.

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[1] Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integration Brokerage by Benoit J. Lheureux, Paolo Malinverno, and Valentin T. Sribar, April 7, 2014.

Submitted by Investor Relations on Wed, 08/13/2014