June 11th, 2019 - Breukelen, the Netherlands at 8 AM ET

TIE Kinetix (Euronext Amsterdam: TIE), announced today that the company signed an agreement with HDA Truck Pride to implement a new EDI trading platform for the Commercial Vehicle Sales and Marketing organization through its FLOW Partner Automation. HDA Truck Pride is North America's largest independent provider of parts and service to the commercial vehicle aftermarket. Their network consists of over 750 distribution locations and over 400 service facilities across North America.

The decision to collaborate with TIE Kinetix came from the need for a platform that enables HDA Truck Pride to drive simplification, enable easier adoption of new supplier partners and respond to the needs of their distributor members quickly.

HDA Truck Pride will use TIE Kinetix’s experience and product technology to provide its organization and its business partners with a standardized global partner automation platform to consolidate and improve current trading processes for order and invoice data, and to expand the use of their online EDI trading platform throughout their distributor and manufacturer network. 

The goal with the new platform is to boost adoption, simplify collaboration and enhance efficiencies in the process. Platforms like FLOW Partner Automation make it easy to receive data and documents from business partners and allow the controlled and automated exchange of data and documents.

TIE Kinetix is eager to assist HDA Truck Pride in enhancing their complete electronic integration within their ecosystem to its full potential. TIE Kinetix will assist with enabling new platform integrations with 3rd party software providers for ERP/WMS/CRM, and more. This, combined with the excellent visibility and configuration/validation tools within FLOW, made the selection of TIE Kinetix a straight-forward choice.

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix: “We are excited that we are starting this partnership with HDA Truck Pride.  HDA Truck Pride has captured our vision with our FLOW Partner Automation Platform to combine EDI/XML capabilities with a partner ecosystem platform that integrates seamlessly with the existing systems and infrastructure of our customers. We are proud that we can contribute to HDA Truck Pride’s success and footprint in the commercial vehicle aftermarket by sharing our more than 32 years’ experience in complex integration processes between trading partners. Delivering and integrating a platform with ERP, WMS, CRM, digital commerce and analytics tools show our unique capabilities and the value we can bring to the heavy-duty market towards 100% digitalization with a fully integrated partner ecosystem.” 

John Lurz, Director of IT at HDA Truck Pride: “We are excited to begin our partnership with TIE Kinetix and look forward to realizing the benefits of their FLOW platform – simplification, enhanced operational efficiencies, and an increase of EDI adoption and utilization across our members and supplier partners.” 

About HDA Truck Pride     
HDA Truck Pride is North America's largest independent provider of parts and services to the commercial vehicle aftermarket. With over 750 distribution locations and over 400 service facilities, HDA Truck Pride boasts the largest footprint in the industry. The marketing group is focused on value-added services, not just delivering parts, but solving problems and driving technical expertise. The organization offers training, product support and marketing programs all focused on growing the business of its members, fleet customers and service experts. For more information, visit www.hdatruckpride.com.

About TIE Kinetix
TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing Total Integrated E-Commerce solutions. These solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy required to market, sell, fulfill, and optimize online.

Customers and partners of TIE Kinetix constantly benefit from innovative, field-tested, state-of-the-art technologies, backed by 32 years of experience and prestigious awards. TIE Kinetix makes technology to perform, such that customers and partners can focus on their core business. TIE Kinetix is a public company and has offices in the United States, the Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia.

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