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If you’re looking to improve your coordination and execution with your channel community or trading partners, then you’re in good company. TIE Kinetix helps you connect and integrate all major processes around marketing, sales, logistics and finance. Everything your business needs to market, sell, deliver and analyze faster and more efficiently in your supply chain.
Being in business for over 25 years gives TIE Kinetix the ability to understand all the important business details, processes and dynamics to deliver innovative cloud solutions. It also ensures our solutions are rock solid and simply just work. If it’s connected to new trends like mobile, social media, big data or multi-channel trends, we’re constantly adding new features based on what the market needs.
Our thousands of customers and partners across the world, from small companies to global enterprises, are happy to tell you why we have a 99.1% customer satisfaction.
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Market, Sell, Deliver and Analyze through the Supply Chain

With our Total Integrated E-Commerce solutions, backed by over 25 years of innovation and thousands of happy customers and partners.

With Content Syndication if you want to publish, control and analyze your content on your partner websites, email and social updates »
With E-Commerce if you want to put marketing instead of IT in the driver’s seat of your webshop and beat the competition by being first in the market with new products »
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With B2B Integration to help you with the exchange of purchase orders, invoices, payment instructions and other commercial transactions with trading partners via an Integration Broker»
With Business Intelligence if you want to turn big data into knowledge to increase marketing and sales
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