Mission, Vision and Strategy

About Our Mission, Vision and Strategy

We specialize in the 100% digitization of our customers’ supply chain. We provide our customers with solutions that facilitate the exchange of documents, data and messages with their supply chain partners.

Our Vision

Optimizing the supply chain with 100% Digitization

We specialize in the 100% digitization of our customers’ supply chain. Our products and solutions enable our customers to process and enhance all incoming and outgoing documents (such as invoices), data and messages digitally.

Digitization increases cost efficiency, enhances control over incoming and outgoing documents, reduces processing errors and improves buyer- and supplier relations.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with solutions that facilitate the exchange of documents, data and messages with their supply chain partners.

Our FLOW platform is highly scalable to support our customers’ demand for high volumes of data in best of market connectivity. Self-service functionality supports the onboarding of many trading partners at minimal cost. Our EDI-Integration applications reduce our customers’ cost of processing supply side trading information.

Our analytics applications provide relevant performance measurement information (document processed data per type – including revenue/cost aspects per document, lead conversion data per partner etc.) enabling our customers to optimize their entire supply chain.

Our solutions are offered under the name of FLOW Partner Automation: FLOW is our easily accessible platform that combines our supply chain integration solutions such as EDI/XML, PDF conversion and our supplier portal. FLOW also provides tailored analytics data and dashboards for its users.

Our Strategy

TIE Kinetix maximizes return on investment in the supply chain with Software as a Service based applications. The FLOW platform with innovative, field-tested technology unburdens our customers who can remain focused on their core business. TIE Kinetix develops cloud-based solutions, backed with over 30 years of proven technology and awards.

These solutions empower our clients to improve their supply chain efficiency and coordination. Our integrated FLOW platform enables trading partners to work seamlessly together on the major business processes in their supply chain.

Our FLOW solutions are sold directly and indirectly. Indirect sales are managed through a network of distribution partners such as Unit4, Exact, Epicor, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, AFAS and Syspro. We refer to our market model as a ‘Hub-and-Spoke’ approach, where an implementation of our FLOW platform with an enterprise level customer serves as a ‘Hub’ connecting many trading partners as ‘Spoke’. As a next step ‘Spokes’ are analyzed and qualified as a potential new ‘Hub’.

Our FLOW platform serves both the Business to Business market as well as the Business to Government market.

Our business model includes low cost self-service onboarding with a recurring usage fee based on actual usage. Our Hub-and-Spoke model assures maximum low-cost connectivity for our customers and healthy SaaS based revenue for TIE Kinetix.

Our Company Values

TIE Kinetix has defined how it wants to achieve the goals:

» Openness and Honesty.

» Trust and Togetherness.

» Competence and Quality.

Openness and Honesty
As an organization we aim to excel by working closely with all of our stakeholders. Working closely means that we need to be transparent and communicative and maintain an open and honest dialogue with colleagues, clients, suppliers, partners and shareholders. 

Trust and Togetherness
With transparency and honesty, trust and togetherness thrives. Creating and maintaining a team spirit with our colleagues, clients and other stakeholders in our operations, activities and initiatives is what we aim for. Trust and togetherness enable us to reach our shared and individual goals alongside.

Competence and Quality
As a software company, we continuously build our competence and our quality on an organizational and individual level. We believe with competence and quality, in addition to software solutions, we can add value to all of our stakeholders and further strengthen our competitive edge.

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