Release Notes

Release Notes

The FLOW Partner Automation quarterly release notes provide a complete list of new features, resolved issues, and special considerations for the FLOW Partner Automation platform.

Click here to download the FLOW Partner Automation Spring Release 2021

Release schedule (tentative):

Summer (July 2021)
Fall (October 2021)
Winter (January 2022)
Spring (April 2022)

New features and functionalities are automatically available to all TIE Kinetix customers who use the FLOW platform. 

Please note that it is impossible to list every improvement and all bug fixes, as minor platform modifications are frequent and ongoing. Therefore, we make selections based on a combination of expected prevalence and impact of issues. 


FLOW Partner Automation Winter Release 2021

FLOW Partner Automation Spring Release 2021

FLOW Partner Automation Summer 2021 (July)

FLOW Partner Automation Fall 2021 (October)

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