Investor Relations Policy

Applicable as of October 1, 2017

This document describes TIE Kinetix’ Investor relations and communications policy. It intends to provide headline guidance for investors pertaining to TIE Kinetix management rules of engagement with investors.

For practical information on TIE Kinetix Financial Calendar, including planned dates of earnings reports and prior period press releases and reports we refer to TIE Kinetix Investor relations website.

We aim for transparent communication and we therefore provide detailed, clear and timely information to existing and potential shareholders, financial analysts and the media. We also operate an open-door policy with regard to enquiries.

We provide our shareholders and financial market stakeholders with similar and simultaneous information about potentially price sensitive matters.

We are very careful with our contacts between company executives and shareholders and analysts and we do not engage in actions that might compromise analyst independence.

We communicate with shareholders and analysts through regular meetings such as our Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, bilateral meetings or shareholder group meetings, as the case may be. Bilateral and shareholder group meetings are organized to ensure that (potential) shareholders receive a balanced and comprehensive view of our performance and strategy and the issues we face in the execution of our goals.

We are always careful to observe the rules on fair disclosure, equal treatment of shareholders, insider trading and transparency in all our communications.

We publish press releases, an annual report and (unaudited) semi-annual results. We may issue press releases of a commercial or strategic nature, if and when the company deems that to be of interest to its stakeholders. Commercial sensitivity may prevent us from disclosing specific contract details (such as customer names, transaction value etc.). It is our policy to issue a press release when we receive an order with an order value exceeding Euro 250.000, when we receive an order of strategic nature or when we engage in a strategic partnership. We do not assess, comment on or correct – other than factually – any analysts’ reports or analyst valuations.

We assure that our contacts with the capital markets are always dealt with by the Executive Board (or Supervisory Board as the case may be) or other personnel mandated to this extend by our Executive Board.

TIE Kinetix
Investor Relations

Dr. M. Wolfswinkel
Executive Board

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