Mission, Vision and Strategy

About Our Mission, Vision and Strategy

Speed and timeliness are decisive factors to determine the competitive advantage for businesses active in the E-Commerce environment. By offering solutions that can create this competitive advantage for customers, TIE Kinetix contributes to the customers’ success and distinguishes itself from the competition. The TIE Kinetix Integration Platform has one of the fastest data translators in the industry. The Content Syndication Platform is unique in that the updates are processed real-time from one single source. TIE Kinetix E-Commerce solutions have one of the fastest time-to-market for new solutions and of processing updates

Mission and Vision

In the enormous quantity and load of data and content traffic below the surface of digital processes, quality and accuracy of data and content processing are considered a common good. TIE Kinetix continuously strive for the best quality in terms of data and content processing, transfer and integration.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of Integration, TIE Kinetix has generated a huge knowledge base and expertise in mappings and is therefore able to connect and integrate any front- or back-office system in a relatively short amount of time. Content Syndication and Integration solutions assure consistent quality and accuracy of content and data throughout the supply chain. In addition to the basic functionalities of a webshop, the TIE Kinetix E-Commerce solution can be seamlessly integrated with other front- and back-end solutions.


Traffic and Intensity

TIE Kinetix believes that its solutions need to be flexible and scalable in order to manage and to handle the continuous growth of traffic and intensity of content, transaction and data processing. TIE Kinetix solutions are developed with this philosophy in mind. TIE Kinetix solutions are not bounded to traffic, processing or storage capacity. TIE Kinetix solutions are all hosted in the cloud as additional capacity can be added where deemed necessary.

Reach and Exposure

With the growth of E-Commerce, in the widest sense of the word, reach and exposure for businesses operating within the digital world becomes more and more important. For these businesses it is of critical importance that company information is at any time consistent, up-to-date and moreover easy to manage across the different layers within the E-Commerce supply chain. TIE’s Content Syndication Platform is unique in its kind since the updates are processed real-time from one single source. TIE’s E-Commerce solutions have one of the fastest time-to-market of processing updates. In addition to the basic functionalities of a webshop, TIE’s E-Commerce solution can be seamlessly integrated with other front- and back-end solutions. Integration of multiple TIE solutions creates also more flexibility and opportunities within the whole connected E-Commerce chain.

Analytics and Insights

Knowing the right numbers and having the right reportals, e.g. data warehousing (DWH), allow companies to plan their strategic direction. Predictive analytics and insights with respect to E-Commerce performance is therefore of high value and contributes to a company’s success. With TIE ascention’s Business Intelligence solutions, TIE can provide valuable business insights and analytics across the supply chain.

Our Vision

Market, Sell, Deliver and Analyze through the supply chain via the web

Our Total Integrated E-Commerce view on the digital world enables TIE Kinetix to develop and offer solutions that allow organizations to eliminate inefficient activities throughout their supply chain. Critical information needs to flow continuously and accurately through the supply chain via a number of channels. By automating and simplifying cumbersome steps in marketing, E-Commerce and back office fulfillment, TIE Kinetix has developed software solutions allowing business to accomplish more with less. Our mantra to the customer is “Making Technology performs so you can focus on your business”. The Total Integrated E-Commerce solution is a proven technology combining our proprietary solutions for Content Syndication, (Web-Shop) E-Commerce, Supply Chain oriented B2B Integration and Business Intelligence.

The fast moving mobile and social world of E-Commerce
Last year, according to eMarketer, 33.7 million Americans used a tablet device at least monthly; by 2014, the number will rise to nearly 90 million — one in three of all Internet users. More than 60 percent of 25-34 year olds now own a smartphone. And more than one billion people worldwide are connected via Facebook. When it comes to shopping, these connected consumers increasingly turn to the device closest at hand. While PCs and laptops are still the most widely used channel for browsing and purchasing, tablet and smart phone shopping is on the rise. E-Commerce solutions must support web, mobile, tablet, call centers, and in-store touch points.

Content Drives Marketing, Branding & Sales

“Content Marketing,” is a growing area of focus for both B2C and B2B marketers. Many companies now see content marketing as a way to generate direct sales, especially in the world of business-to-business marketing. A study conducted by B2B agazine, identified content marketing (51%) as being the most important tool for generating leads, outscoring brand awareness (38%), thought leadership (34%) and sales (29%).

Buyers are hungry for content and are less influenced by marketing messages. Instead, they prefer to select and consume content on their own terms. They want content created for their particular interests delivered to them when they need it across more diverse platforms than anyone could have ever imagined. The main goal of content marketing is to drive deeper customer engagement, and to do so earlier in the buying process.

Creating a message that is consistent in all marketing and sales material and across the different departments is essential for an organization but it is not a common practice. It’s hard enough to align marketing and sales within a company to get them speaking the same language - let alone broadcasting a unified message to the outside world. This challenge becomes herculean when the sales force is not part of the same organization and the company sells through independent resellers.

The growing importance of content to drive marketing, sales and branding, means organizations must create the right content and deliver it via multiple touch points to ensure a consistent end-user experience and maximum conversion rates.

Big Data is Changing the Game

The premise is simple: big data has the power to fundamentally change almost everything we do. However, the mountain of data that businesses collect from consumers is only powerful if it is analyzed, put into context and acted upon. The big data trend we have seen take hold in other areas of the enterprise is making its way to channel marketing and sales. Dealing with “Big Data” is a challenge for many marketers, but its rise in importance is pushing more and more to use it. If marketing managers can create a big data capability to capture, analyze and predict customer behavior, they can fundamentally change not only how marketing is done, but how it interacts with other aligned corporate functions.

In addition to developing an integrated experience for content marketing, organizations will be best served by sourcing a solution provider with a business intelligence product that can help provide a 360 degree view of sales. With systems and processes that enable integration and automation of their business throughout their internal and external facing systems and customer touch points, companies will have greater intelligence and insight - and ultimately stronger sales.

The power of decision-making is shifting and CMO’s choose cloud-based solutions
According to Gartner, six out of ten chief marketing officers – and not their IT managers – decide on which IT solutions their company uses. The marketing department is turning into a technology purchasing department. Marketers are looking to break free of anything that encumbers the execution process and they see IT as bureaucratic, inflexible and slow to respond to fast moving market needs. This costs time, money and ultimately customer conversions. Marketers see SaaS based solutions as innovative and scalable. With the economies of scale, SaaS providers will always outpace innovation in the market because they act on trends before individual organizations / traditional software delivery mechanisms can put these features in play. Marketers want to focus all their effort in driving new business, not defining what needs to be there to execute their mission. SaaS platforms give them freedom, agility and availability to move at the pace of business.

Integration will accomplish a seamless experience across channels

A critical issue for the E-Commerce adopter is integrating the activities after the buy button is pressed. E-Commerce solutions must:

  • Integrate with an organization’s ERP system (so data can be analyzed and incorporated as a marketing research tool)
  • Work together seamlessly in real-time to exchange information without duplicating the content or data
  • Be able to merge and normalize data and content sources, both from internal and 3rd party sources like content providers and suppliers 
  • Deliver the right content at the right time across all possible touch points to create a consistent end- user experience.


TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing total integrated E-Commerce solutions. These integrated E-Commerce solutions maximize revenue opportunities buy minimizing the energy needed to market, sell, deliver and analyze online. Customers and partners utilizing TIE Kinetix consistently benefit form innovative, field tested technology and are able to remain focussed on their core business. TIE Kinetix developes cloud and license based solutions, and is backed with over 30 years of proven technology and awards.

Within the TIE Kinetix approach, the company delivers software-based web-centric solutions. These solutions empower organizations to improve their supply chain efficiency and coordination. Our integrated platforms, together called TIE Kinetix, enable trading partners to work seamlessly together on the major business processes throughout the supply chain: market, sell, deliver, analyze. TIE Kinetix minimizes the energy needed in the supply chain to maximize revenue. Our Content Syndication platform gives channel members a
flexible way to provide, share and control information and content throughout the channel to maximize conversion in leads and transactions. Our E-Commerce platform delivers solutions that facilitate web-based transactions in the supply chain.

Our Integration platform enables trading partners to effortlessly provide, share and control the fulfillment of transactions within the supply chain. Our Business Intelligence solutions help our customers to optimize the value and revenue of their online business. To optimize our long-term revenue we will stress our marketing and selling efforts via SaaS and Managed Services.

TIE Kinetix is unique in its ability to deliver its solutions in both License and in the Cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Our market focus is directed at specific markets, where our solution has been successful. These include, Food Industry, Non Food, Telecom, IT hardware and software, Consumer Electronics, Industry & Home Improvement, Business Services and Office Supplies. Our solutions are sold in combination with several strategic partners, through VARs and Distributors, and direct to end-users.

We have a longstanding historic involvement in the development of next generation technologies, and we are particularly active in the European Commission framework for innovation programs. TIE Kinetix Research & Development (RDI) has worked in key topical areas such as SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, Semantics, and Interoperability in vital technologies.

Think Total Integrated E-Commerce, Think T.I.E.

TIE Kinetix believes it is well positioned in this dynamic and fast changing market, since TIE Kinetix can offer end-to-end software solutions along the supply chain to facilitate a Total Integrated E-Commerce experience for both businesses and their customers.

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