Electronic Invoicing


For most companies, dozens of invoices have to be processed every day, if not more. A lot of time and personnel is involved in these day-to-day purchase and payment processes, which are often complex. This is especially true when different (international) partners are involved. This increases the risk of errors, leading to charges that could have been avoided had these processes been monitored and controlled.

Streamlining and automating the buying process, as well as invoice processing, gives you a serious advantage—by minimizing risk and improving control, you’ll save a considerable amount of time and money. With our electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) solution, you’ll benefit from a real-time invoice status overview and improve your cash flow as a result.

Electronic Invoicing Options

EDI-2-FLOW - Full Electronic Exchange of Documents


With minimal internal effort, your organization will soon discover the advantages of fully automated electronic document exchange.

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Exchange PDFs in Any Electronic Format


This solution eliminates manual work by converting PDF-documents from you partner(s) to the right format for automatical processing in your ERP-system. 

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PORTAL-2-FLOW - Manual Entry


A supplier/partner portal where they can manually submit their documents. The documents are directly sent to your (ERP-)system and ready to be processed automatically. 

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Onboarding Services

Onboarding Services

Your journey to 100% digitalization becomes a true success when all suppliers submit their documents that meet your specified standards and requirements. Through TIE Kinetix’s FLOW Partner Automation platform, suppliers can submit their documents in any way they please—from manual entry to full automation. We can provide additional services to help your organization with supplier onboarding to save you time.

Thanks to standard support and integration with all ERP and accounting systems, plus the onboarding service we provide, TIE Kinetix is a trusted partner for 100% digital supply chain automation.

Support a More Sustainable Environment

Support a More Sustainable Environment

We have been delivering e-invoicing solutions for many years, aiming to help large-, medium-, and small-sized businesses to automate processes, reduce errors, become more efficient, and get paid faster. Aside from all the business benefits, each electronic document that passes through our network—over 1 billion each year—directly contributes to a more sustainable environment for a long-term, positive impact.

By making the switch and choosing to exchange documents electronically, you immediately reduce your paper consumption, eliminate emissions produced from physical (postal) delivery services, and have the benefit of running your business from any location, office or home.

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Learn More About Electronic Invoicing

Learn More About Electronic Invoicing

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