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EDI documents are inherently hard to understand for non-technical users and it can get even more complicated when large, broken, or incomplete documents cause problems during processing. What if you could automate processing, improving your EDI transactions, while having a completely scalable and reliable Business-to-Business integration system? With our B2B Integration fully automated and integrated system you can manage your electronic business relationships efficiently by removing the restrictions–exchange data in any format. 

For 33 years and counting, we have supported local EDI and e-invoicing standards in different countries and industries worldwide. We know how we can help you engage in smarter business exchanges and streamline communication through seamless integration with any existing (ERP) system. Today, we are already facilitating the exchange of over 1 billion documents each year. 

With over 300,000 connections worldwide, advanced document conversion and validation capabilities, and a suitable pricing structure, it’s easy to get started.

SaaS Solution

SaaS Solutions

For most organizations, outsourcing EDI operations is a smart move—it’s practical, economical, and fundamentally scalable. Whether you’re just starting to explore a fully automated EDI solution, you want to move from on-premise to SaaS, or you’re just trying to meet your customers’ document exchange requirements, we’ve got you covered.

With TIE Kinetix’s ever-evolving electronic document exchange SaaS solution, EDI-2-FLOW, you’ll quickly benefit from best-in-class automation capabilities to effortlessly meet EDI and e-invoicing requirements, all while avoiding costly on-premise software investments.

On-Premise Solutions

Retain full control over your EDI infrastructure and manage your daily operations in-house, at your own terms with TIE Kinetix’s on-premise EDI solution, SmartBridgeX.

Based on 33+ years of experience and best-in-class technology, SmartBridgeX provides one central platform for translation, communications, and reporting to ensure faster document exchange with your trading partners, at greater control. 

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Learn More About Our EDI Solutions

Learn More About Our EDI Solutions

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