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Working with trading partners means that you have a lot of important data flowing in and out of your organization each day. We know that document exchange capabilities vary, so we give you the tools and support you need to encourage all of your partners to meet your requirements, or, alternatively, to meet your partners’ requirements.

A non-digital approach, or one in which manual processes cannot be avoided, puts you at a disadvantage—time is money, and money is time. With a digital supply chain, the partners who are not yet exchanging documents with you electronically can continue (or start) sending documents in a digital format. From there, we ensure that everything is properly translated and processed electronically. In other words, a digital supply chain paves the road to automation.   

Through a mix of digital and electronic documents, all of which are processed as electronic documents,  you can automate the exchange of purchase orders, invoices, inventory reports, delivery notes, sales reports, and more.

100% Digital Supply Chain by TIE Kinetix

Our Document Exchange Solutions

TIE Kinetix offers electronic document exchange and data integration solutions that enable you to automate supply chain processes with all your trading partners and suppliers. Our solutions’ capabilities  include data mapping, validation, conversion, and monitoring and error handling to provide actionable insights.

Through data integration, PDF document conversion, and the ability to set up a portal where small partners can manually submit invoices and other business documents, you can improve your document exchange processes. This leads to a reduced workload, giving your employees the time they need to focus on your organization's core business.

EDI-2-FLOW - Full Electronic Exchange of Documents


With minimal internal effort, your organization will soon discover the advantages of fully automated electronic document exchange.

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Exchange PDFs in Any Electronic Format


This solution eliminates manual work by converting PDF-documents from you partner(s) to the right format for automatical processing in your ERP-system. 

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PORTAL-2-FLOW - Manual Entry


A supplier/partner portal where they can manually submit their documents. The documents are directly sent to your (ERP-)system and ready to be processed automatically. 

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For most organizations, outsourcing EDI operations is a smart move—it’s practical, economical, and fundamentally scalable. Whether you’re just starting to explore a fully automated EDI solution, you want to move from on-premise to SaaS, or you’re just trying to meet your customers’ document exchange requirements, we’ve got you covered.

With TIE Kinetix’s ever-evolving electronic document exchange solution, EDI-2-FLOW, you’ll quickly benefit from best-in-class automation capabilities to effortlessly meet EDI and e-invoicing requirements, all while avoiding costly on-premise software investments.



Roughly 65% of companies send PDFs via email to exchange business documents, namely invoices, with their partners. Many believe that because a PDF is a digital document, they’re already engaging in electronic document exchange—but there’s a huge difference!

To provide less advanced small and medium-sized partners with an easy solution, TIE Kinetix developed PDF-2-FLOW. It’s the optimal solution for suppliers to meet EDI and e-invoicing requirements.


PORTAL-2-FLOW by TIE Kinetix

Investing in a full-scale EDI solution doesn’t always make sense, especially for low-volume exchanges. But with local e-invoicing legislation and customer-specific EDI requirements on the rise, it’s safe to say that every organization should have basic electronic document exchange capabilities to meet trading partner demands.

If you only exchange a few business documents (or less) each month, web-based EDI is a practical, reliable solution. PORTAL-2-FLOW was developed specifically with smaller suppliers in mind, providing necessary EDI and e-invoicing capabilities with an internet connection alone.

E-Archiving & Audit Risk Compliance

E-Archiving & Audit Risk Compliance

E-Archiving is document storage in a secured system. The storage is secure in that documents cannot be amended and can only be retrieved by the document owner or recipient. This is required by law in many countries. These rules apply for both the original business document (including EDIFACT) and the “readable” document.

E-Archiving aims to eliminate the need to store paper documents and enables users to store important information online via the E-Archiving application, which can be accessed by using unique credentials.

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All Document Types & Standards Supported

TIE Kinetix supports a long list of electronic document types and international standard formats and has the utmost commitment to security. When a document passes through our network, all relevant data is automatically extracted, translated, and dispatched to its intended destination.  For ease of access, all documents are stored in their original format, as well as in a human-readable version for convenience purposes. Quality data is always guaranteed.  

Learn More About 100% Digital Supply Chain

Learn More About 100% Digital Supply Chain

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