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TIE Kinetix shares are traded continuously on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since March 2000 on the local (AMS) market. 

Company TIE Kinetix N.V.
Listed at NYSE-EuroNext Amsterdam
ISIN number NL0010389508, LEI 724500IS1M4H9S4SDD39
Outstanding Shares (as of September 30, 2021) 1,678,718

Not Exercised Options

All Not Exercised Options have expired.

Staff options

All options for Executive Board and Staff have expired.

Dividend Policy

Over the past financial years TIE Kinetix has not declared or paid dividends to its shareholders.

The Executive Board intends to retain any future earnings for investment in the further development and expansion of TIE Kinetix (including through acquisitions) and does not foresee that TIE Kinetix will pay dividends in the next year.

Capital & Shares

As of June 3, 2015, the Company’s authorized share capital amounts to € 500.000, consisting of 5 million ordinary shares, with a nominal value of € 0,10 per share.

Q & A

Where is TIE Kinetix listed?

TIE Kinetix is listed at NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. The shares of TIE Kinetix have since March 2000 traded at EuroNext Amsterdam.

When does the company’s financial year starts?

The financial year of TIE Kinetix starts annually on October 1st. 

Can I buy shares directly from TIE Kinetix?

No, you can’t buy shares directly from TIE Kinetix. For novice investors leading banks are a good option or you can choose an investor firm that suits you best.

How can I buy TIE Kinetix shares?

With these details your account manager of your bank/investor firm can help you further:
ISIN: NL0010389508

How many TIE Kinetix shares have been issued?

For all updated and relevant information about the shares, please read the section in regards to Capital & Shares.

How can I contact Investor Relations for questions and information?

Please call our department at +31-88-369-8000 or send an email to Investor.Relations@TIEKinetix.com