Reduce Significant Costs and Accelerate Back Office Document Processing with EDI Solutions

Process Power by Exchanging Information

Doing business electronically with today’s global business standards requires the ability to exchange information with speed, flexibility, and processing power. In addition, doing business with trading partners and exchanging information with them manually is both expensive and time-consuming. The time, resources, and costs involved are significant when these processes are not automated; consider for example costly manual effort to enter documents, labor costs, or extra expenses for value-added work.

Reduce Costs

Electronic Document Exchange

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution's powerful XML and database translation engines enable superior collaboration between business partners anytime and anywhere. These solutions will help to increase productivity, speed up processing, and reduce the significant costs associated with Business-to-Business Integration.

Focus On Core Business

TIE Kinetix’s EDI Solutions will allow you to either manage your XML/EDI integration environment 'in-house' through a rich, high-performance integration server environment or to outsource the integration processes to professionals with over 25 years of experience. With EDI Managed Services, your organization will enjoy the operational savings and increased revenue opportunities while keeping your hands free to focus on your core business. 

Learn More About Electronic Document Exchange

Learn More About Electronic Document Exchange

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