An Internet Connection is All You Need

Investing in a full-scale EDI solution doesn’t always make sense, especially for low-volume exchanges. But with local e-invoicing legislation and customer-specific EDI requirements on the rise, it’s safe to say that every organization should have basic electronic document exchange capabilities to meet trading partner demands.

We can help you engage in smart business exchanges and streamline communication. For 33 years and counting, we have supported local EDI and e-invoicing standards in different countries and industries worldwide. Today, we facilitate the exchange of over 1 billion documents each year. With over 300,000 connections worldwide, advanced document conversion and validation capabilities, and a suitable pricing structure, we make it easy to get started.

Our PORTAL-2-FLOW Solution

PORTAL-2-FLOW by TIE Kinetix

If you only exchange a few business documents (or less) each month, web-based EDI is a practical, reliable solution. PORTAL-2-FLOW was developed specifically with smaller suppliers in mind, providing necessary EDI and e-invoicing capabilities with an internet connection alone.

In a convenient online portal, invoice and other business document data can be effortlessly submitted for translation via a structured, step-by-step approach. But that’s not everything. All exchanges with your partners can take place via the portal. That means all of your back-and-forth communication is stored in one, secure location for improved partner collaboration.



Here’s a few of the benefits:

  • No IT investment
  • Automated onboarding possibilities
  • EDI & e-invoicing in any format
  • Secure data transmission
  • Reduced errors
  • Streamlined communication
  • Improved collaboration with your business partners and/or customers

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Download BrochurePORTAL-2-FLOW for Buyers by TIE Kinetix

Portal-2-FLOW for Buyers by TIE KinetixDownload Brochure

PORTAL-2-FLOW for Buyers by TIE Kinetix

Download Brochure

Download BrochurePORTAL-2-FLOW for Suppliers by TIE Kinetix

Portal-2-FLOW for Suppliers by TIE KinetixDownload Brochure

PORTAL-2-FLOW for Suppliers by TIE Kinetix

Download Brochure

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All Document Types & Standards Supported

TIE Kinetix supports a long list of electronic document types and international standard formats and has the utmost commitment to security. When a document passes through our network, all relevant data is automatically extracted, translated, and dispatched to its intended destination.  For ease of access, all documents are stored in their original format, as well as in a human-readable version for convenience purposes. Quality data is always guaranteed.  

Learn More About PORTAL-2-FLOW

Learn More About Portal-2-FLOW

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