Corporate Policies

Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct has been drawn up to provide all of us employed at TIE with a clear set of guiding principles on integrity and ethics in business conduct.
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Whistleblower Policy
Whistleblower Policy provides employees of TIE with the possibility to report alleged irregularities of a general, operational or financial nature within the Company, without jeopardizing their legal position.
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Remuneration Policy
This Remuneration Policy outlines the terms and conditions for the member(s) of the Executive Board of TIE. The objective of this Remuneration Policy is to provide a structure that retains and motivates the current member(s) of the Executive Board by providing a well balanced and incentive-based compensation.
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Insider Knowledge Regulations
The Exceutive Board of TIE has drawn up the following regulations concerning Insider Knowledge and the holding of and effecting transactions in Securities relating to TIE and affiliated issuing institutions and other securities.
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