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Roughly 65% of companies send PDFs via email to exchange business documents, namely invoices, with their partners. Many believe that because a PDF is a digital document, they’re already engaging in electronic document exchange—but there’s a huge difference!

Aside from various, partner-specific EDI standards that may be present in B2B trade, many countries have begun to implement local requirements for invoices alone, leading to a rise in popularity of electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing. These changes have left many organizations—many of which don’t have an existing system in place to exchange documents electronically—with no choice but to adjust their EDI and invoicing practices to comply with new rules.

We can help you engage in smart business exchanges and streamline communication through seamless integration with any existing (ERP) system. Today, we are already facilitating the exchange of over 1 billion documents each year. With over 300,000 connections worldwide, advanced document conversion and validation capabilities, and a suitable pricing structure, it’s easy to get started.

Our PDF-2-FLOW Solution

PDF-2-FLOW by TIE Kinetix

To provide less advanced small and medium-sized partners with an easy solution, TIE Kinetix developed PDF-2-FLOW. It’s the optimal solution for suppliers to meet EDI and e-invoicing requirements.

That’s because PDF-2-FLOW doesn’t require a drastic change in day-to-day business processes, nor a large IT investment. With the latest technologies, PDF-2-FLOW ensures that all PDFs are converted to the appropriate electronic document format with 100% accuracy (unlike error-prone OCR!)—all at the lowest total cost of ownership available in the market today.



Here’s a few of the benefits:

  • Easy to use solution
  • No lengthy consultation
  • PDFs are instantly processed in your existing e-invoicing and/or EDI infrastructure
  • PDFs are automatically converted to the appropriate document format with 100% accuracy
  • No disruption to your (digital) supply chain, no technical change needed
  • Proactive automated feedback when errors occur

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Download BrochurePDF-2-FLOW for Buyers by TIE Kinetix

PDF-2-FLOW for Buyers by TIE KinetixDownload Brochure

PDF-2-FLOW for Buyers by TIE Kinetix

Download Brochure

Download BrochurePDF-2-FLOW for Suppliers by TIE Kinetix

PDF-2-FLOW for Suppliers by TIE KinetixDownload Brochure

PDF-2-FLOW for Suppliers by TIE Kinetix

Download Brochure

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All Document Types & Standards Supported

TIE Kinetix supports a long list of electronic document types and international standard formats and has the utmost commitment to security. When a document passes through our network, all relevant data is automatically extracted, translated, and dispatched to its intended destination.  For ease of access, all documents are stored in their original format, as well as in a human-readable version for convenience purposes. Quality data is always guaranteed.  

Learn More About PDF-2-FLOW

Learn More About PDF-2-FLOW

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