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TIE Kinetix Announces FLOW Platform Summer Release 2021

Featuring actionable dashboard widgets and enhanced platform security

TIE Kinetix, the leader in 100% supply chain digitalization, announced the summer release of its FLOW Partner Automation platform today. Optional custom-configured dashboard widgets for controlled user notifications and relevant document exchange data provide actionable insights while additional two-factor authentication capabilities via SMS and Google Authenticator strengthen platform security. In addition, various localization and functional improvements significantly enhance user experience.

TIE Kinetix Signs New Municipality of Amsterdam Supplier, Olympia

The company is achieving steady growth through existing accounts

TIE Kinetix (Euronext: TIE) announced today that Olympia, a Dutch recruitment agency and Municipality of Amsterdam supplier, has entered a two-year SaaS agreement with the company to send e-invoices to Dutch public authorities via FLOW Partner Automation. The deal reinforces TIE Kinetix’s position as the market leader for business-to-government (B2G) e-invoicing in the Netherlands and continues the company’s upward trend of achieving growth through existing accounts.

TIE Kinetix Facilitates Mass E-Invoicing Adoption with AI-Powered Onboarding Services for SMEs

The improved services address onboarding challenges within the European single market

TIE Kinetix (Euronext: TIE), the leader in 100% supply chain digitalization, announced today that their recently redesigned trading partner onboarding services for FLOW Partner Automation customers are now powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Onboarding to the platform is now faster and requires minimal effort. This helps to facilitate mass e-invoicing adoption in the private sector and directly supports the European Commission’s transition to a green and digital economy.

June 2021

June 10 - 2021

TIE Kinetix Wins Sun Mountain Contract via SYSPRO Partnership

The company’s increased focus on strategic partnerships is paying off

TIE Kinetix (Euronext: TIE), the leader in 100% supply chain digitalization, announced today...

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June 2 - 2021

TIE Kinetix Recognized as Top Performer in EDI Software Category by FeaturedCustomers

The Summer 2021 Customer Success Report is now available

TIE Kinetix has been recognized as a Top Performer in the EDI Software category in the FeaturedCustomers...

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May 2021

May 27 - 2021

TIE Kinetix Encourages the Use of Real-Time Status Updates for Electronic Invoices Sent via PEPPOL

Invoice responses quickly improve communication and financial transparency

TIE Kinetix (Euronext: TIE), the leader in 100% supply chain digitalization, announced...

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May 26 - 2021

Jan Sundelin Of TIE Kinetix On How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level

Exclusive interview with Authority Magazine

In a one-on-one interview, Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix, explains how businesses can use digital transformation to...

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May 14 - 2021

TIE Kinetix Receives Full Loan Repayment Provided Upon Divestiture of TCMA Applications

TIE Kinetix has received full repayment of the loan provided upon the divestiture of its TCMA applications (transaction from August 2020). The loan proceeds of € 3 million will be added to the...

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Industry Acknowledgements

ISO 27001:2017 certification

ISO 27001:2017 certification for Information Security Management

The ISO 27001:2017 certification independently verifies and awards the only internationally recognized and most prestigious information security standard available. 

PEPPOL Access Point Certified ProvideR

PEPPOL Service Metadata Publisher Provider

As a member of PEPPOL, we participate to enable European businesses to easily deal electronically with any European public sector buyers in their procurement processes, to increase opportunities for greater competition for government contracts to provide better value for tax payers’ money...

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