Simplify Data Sharing with Your Whole Trading Partner Community Through B2B Integration

Improve EDI Transactions

EDI documents are inherently hard to understand for non-technical users and it can get even more complicated when large, broken, or incomplete documents cause problems during processing. What if you could automate processing, improving your EDI transactions, while having a completely scalable and reliable Business-to-Business integration system?

With our B2B Integration fully automated and integrated system you can manage your electronic business relationships efficiently by removing the restrictions–exchange data in any format.

Tackle Complex Integration Projects

B2B Integration Solutions

TIE Kinetix's B2B Integration Solutions simplify the process of integrating existing back office systems, expanding electronic business relationships with trading partners, and handling varying document volumes and complexities.  You can tackle complex integration projects in a fraction of the time. Plus, the choice to manage your Business-to-Business integration system internally or outsource it to our team of professional experts to ensure your business is running around the clock, is yours!

Learn More About B2B Integration Solutions

Learn More About B2B Integration Solutions

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