100% Digital Document Exchange with All Trading Partners

We help you to achieve 100% digitalization in your supply chain.

Working with suppliers or other trading partners significantly increases the amount of data and documents exchanged each day within the supply chain. A non-digital and manual processing of this data is not only time-consuming, but also costly. Digitalizing your entire supply chain allows you to enhance collaboration with all of your partners and better the speed and consistency of your supply chain processes while reducing costs and growing your overall revenue.

Digitalizing your supply chain allows you to automatically exchange many types of business documents with your partners, such as: Purchase Orders, Invoices, Inventory Reports, Delivery notes, Sales reports, MDF requests and many more...

100% digitalization in your supply chain

The Solution for 100% Digital Document Exchange

TIE Kinetix offers electronic document exchange and data integration solutions that will allow you to digitalize your supply chain as well as all data processes with all of your trading partners and suppliers.

Through data integration, PDF document conversion, and the ability to set up a portal where small partners can manually submit invoices or other business documents, you will improve all your document processes and reduce the workload so your employees can focus on your company's core business.

All Partners - 100% Digital document exchange

Get the full 100% digitalization pack, which will help digitize the document exchange with all your supply chain partners. The documents you will receive no longer need manually work but will be automatically converted and processed in your (ERP-) system.

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Large Partners - Electronic Exchange

Exchange documents directly system to system. For instance e-invoices via PEPPOL according to your (governmental) customers requirements or EDI/XML documents from ERP to ERP. 

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Medium Partners -     PDF-2-FLOW Solution

This solution eliminates manual work by converting PDF-documents from you partner(s) to the right format for automatical processing in your ERP-system. 

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Small Partners - Manual (EDI) Portal

A supplier/partner portal where they can manually submit their documents. The documents are directly sent to your (ERP-)system and ready to be processed automatically. 

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Digital Document Exchange with All Supply Chain Partners

Although most companies with a supply chain have systems that can automatically exchange data with large partners and suppliers, they are unable to automate processes when it comes to exchanging with smaller and medium partners who do not have the resources and equipment needed for electronic document exchange. At TIE Kinetix, we call this the long tail challenge.

Often, these smaller partners represent only a small portion of the data and document exchanges with the company; but due to the fact that these exchanges are not automated, they take up a large part of the workload compared to exchanges with large suppliers.

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Digitize Document Exchange with All Your Partners Today!

We can help you reach 100% Digitalization. 

We can help your company to reduce manual labour, save costs and increase your overall revenue. If you first want to get familair with the benefits from 100% digitalization of your supply chain and document exchange, than do this by downloading the whitepaper.

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