Erik Jan Hengstmengel

Erik Jan Hengstmengel, Senior Vice President Analytics & Optimization

Erik Jan Hengstmengel

Senior Vice President Analytics & Optimization

As Senior Vice President Analytics & Optimization, Erik Jan Hengstmengel can make use of his over 25 years’ experience in IT- and Online Business and international management. Erik Jan was thought leader to recognize the value of Internet technology for communication within and between organizations. From the mid of the 90-ties he contributed considerably to the development of Online Business in Europe, working with organizations like Reed Elsevier, Jobline, McDonald’s, Sennheiser.

Erik Jan’s special interest concerns changing business models and the implications of information- and communication technology on the way people work in organizations. He published two books on these subjects (“The digital worker” and “Intranet, a network of people”), and gives lectures and seminars on working and cooperation in virtual environments.

Erik Jan joinded the company as Managing Director of TFT, the technology subsidiary of Tomorrow Focus AG in Munich, which was acquired in December 2013. Before joining TFT, he worked as Managing Consultant for Cap Gemini and as an Interim Manager in IT, Sales, Marketing and HR in more than 10 different countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Erik Jan studied Public Administration and International Relations. Born in the Netherlands, he now lives in Munich. 

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