Your Business is Dynamic, Your EDI Solution Should Be, Too

For 33 years and counting, we have supported local EDI and e-invoicing standards in different countries and industries worldwide. For most organizations, outsourcing EDI operations is a smart move—it’s practical, economical, and fundamentally scalable. Whether you’re just starting to explore a fully automated EDI solution, you want to move from on-premise to SaaS, or you’re just trying to meet your customers’ document exchange requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Critical business documents flow in and out of your organization daily, and paper purchase orders can take up to 10 days from the time the order is prepared to the time it is shipped. Payments can take upwards of 50 days. The need to speed up this lengthy process, along with a rise in local e-invoicing legislation and customer-specific EDI requirements, is motivating many organizations to look for optimization opportunities.

We can help you to engage in smart business exchanges and streamline communication through seamless integration with any existing (ERP) system. Today, we facilitate the exchange of over 1 billion documents each year. With over 300,000 connections worldwide, advanced document conversion and validation capabilities, and a suitable pricing structure, it’s easy to get started.

Our EDI-2-FLOW Solution

EDI-2-FLOW by TIE Kinetix

With TIE Kinetix's ever-evolving electronic document exchange solution, EDI-2-FLOW, you'll quickly benefit from best-in-class automation capabilities to effortlessly meet EDI and e-invoicing requirements, all while avoiding costly on-premise software investments.

With EDI-2-FLOW, you're covered on all fronts. Nothing will slip under the radar, and your team won't have to take action unless it's absolutely necessary. You'll benefit from a state-of-the-art solution that is continuously optimized to meet your business needs, as well as changing global criteria. With minimal internal effort, your organization will soon discover the advantages of fully automated electronic document exchange.



Here’s just a few benefits:

  • Long-Term Cost Reduction
  • 24/7 Document Monitoring & Validation
  • Global Trade Coverage
  • Reduced Errors
  • Faster Business Transactions
  • Lowest Cost Per Message
  • Full Procure-to-Pay & Order-to-Cash Visibility  

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All Document Types & Standards Supported

TIE Kinetix supports a long list of electronic document types and international standard formats and has the utmost commitment to security. When a document passes through our network, all relevant data is automatically extracted, translated, and dispatched to its intended destination.  For ease of access, all documents are stored in their original format, as well as in a human-readable version for convenience purposes. Quality data is always guaranteed.  

Learn More About EDI-2-FLOW

Learn More About EDI-2-FLOW

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