Sell All Your Brands in Their Own Personal Online Shop Through 1 Online Shop Environment

Optimize Brand Experience

A lot of companies have multiple identities or brands in a market space. For each of these unique identities or brands, a specific market approach has been defined to optimize results and brand experience. Ideally you additionally want to position and market your brands online in the same way.

Up-to-Date in All Online Shops

Omni-Channel Retail

However, dealing with multiple back-end environments and shops (in different countries) causes a lot of work to run these online businesses.

The branding and look-and-feel is mostly to completely different and causes a lot of work and challenges for the teams to keep the various businesses with active campaigns up to date.

One Back-End Environment

With TIE Kinetix E-Commerce Solutions you can run all of these different businesses from one back-end environment while keeping the branding & experience by your end-user completely separate. This gives you the opportunity to manage all your shops from one environment, while still being able to position and market your brands to their target audiences. Optimize today, become more successful tomorrow.

Learn More About Omni-Channel Retail

Learn More About Omni-Channel Retail

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