E-Archiving & Audit Risk Compliance

E-Archiving & Audit Risk Compliance

E-Archiving is document storage in a secured system. The storage is secure in that documents cannot be amended and can only be retrieved by the document owner or recipient. This is required by law in many countries. These rules apply for both the original business document (including EDIFACT) and the “readable” document.

E-Archiving aims to eliminate the need to store paper documents and enables users to store important information online via the E-Archiving application, which can be accessed by using unique credentials.

Legal Regulations

E-Archiving & Audit Risk Compliance
The period of time in which documents are legally required to be archived varies per country. For the countries who have implemented E-Archiving legislation, every company is required by law to archive the specified financial documents for later review by tax departments. Additionally, the authenticity and the integrity of the documents must be guaranteed, and a readable version of each document must be readily available for reviewers. In other words, electronic invoices should be handled carefully.

E-Archiving features a portal that allows users to log in with a unique username and password. In this portal, all documents can be located and accessed at any time based on relevant information, such as sender, recipient, document number, document date, and more.

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All Document Types & Standards Supported

TIE Kinetix supports a long list of electronic document types and international standard formats and has the utmost commitment to security. When a document passes through our network, all relevant data is automatically extracted, translated, and dispatched to its intended destination.  For ease of access, all documents are stored in their original format, as well as in a human-readable version for convenience purposes. Quality data is always guaranteed.  

Learn More About E-Archiving

Learn More About E-Archiving

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