Track, Analyze & Optimize Partner Marketing Performance

Measure Everything

All partner marketers know that tracking, analyzing and optimizing is half the fun – especially for partner marketing. If you don’t measure, things become grey and no ROI can be truly calculated - nobody likes that. 

Here’s How We Track, Analyze And Optimize Partner Marketing Efforts With Our Customers

Partner Marketing Performance
  • Partner Marketing Tracking: Everything you can think of from partner activity, content, campaigns, social messages, emails, leads, etc. is tracked. If you have a custom requirement, we can accommodate your partner tracking needs.
  • Partner Marketing Analytics: TIE Kinetix has teamed up with web analytics leader WebTrends for the best possible analytics offering in the marketplace. Because of this, we are able to provide our customers with high level executive reporting, as well as detailed reports for specific channel marketing purposes.   
  • Partner Marketing Optimization: Once you start rolling out your Partner Marketing content and campaigns, you’ll start to see activity. We not only help you analyze the data, but also share best practices on how to increase performance on any stage of the funnel. 

Download our Channel Marketer’s Guide to Demand Generation E-Book to learn about what type of tools and content to consider when tracking, analyzing and optimizing partner marketing programs. 

Learn More About Partner Marketing Performance

Learn More About Partner Marketing Performance

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