Prevent Old Branding & Content in the Partner Community with Channel Content Syndication

Growth of Your Channel Community

Vendors and OEM brands with an indirect channel know the challenges of maintaining and growing their channel community. When it comes to keeping partners up-to-date, active, and selling, it’s important to choose the right channel marketing solution that saves time, reduces costs, and gets results for both channel partners and the vendor.


What is Channel Content Syndication? And Why is it Important for Channel Marketers?

Channel Content Syndication

Channel Content Syndication is a SaaS solution that replicates and customizes digital content across partner web properties. When implemented, channel partners, value-added resellers (VARs), resellers, retailers, and agents always have up-to-date information and rich content to improve their through-partner communications, lead generation, and sales.


You Control Your Channel

Channel Content Syndication offers partner marketers with the control and visibility into their channel. With control over publishing content and the ability to understand how it performs, it allows channel professionals to easily optimize the experience through their partners to gain the best possible result. Interested marketers can now syndicate social, email, promotional, and sales tools to help influence the entire indirect sales and marketing funnel.

Types of Channel Content Syndication:

  • Social Media Syndication
  • Email Syndication
  • PPC Syndication
  • Showcase Syndication
  • Asset Syndication
  • Sales Resource Center (Syndication)

“One of the requirements of our program is that partners have updated Digium content on their websites. We knew that we needed to make it easier for our growing partner base to publish up-to-date content on their website - and it needed to be easier for us to publish as well!” - Digium

Watch our video to learn more about how we help vendors and their partners with our Channel Content Syndication solution.

Learn More About Channel Content Syndication

Learn More About Channel Content Syndication

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