Google Ads for the Channel

Your channel partners are asking for help

As a business with an indirect sales channel, you rely on independent channel partners—most of which are small and medium-sized businesses—to market and sell your solutions. Despite their size, these businesses are responsible for a large percentage of your overall revenue. You want to help them sell your brand, and they want your help, too.

The reality is, your channel partners are struggling to keep up with digital marketing and your business is negatively impacted as a result. This is because two-thirds of the customer journey takes place online. Meaning, digital marketing is no longer optional when it comes to engaging with consumers. Your channel partners want to get started with campaigns (e.g. Google Ads), but more often than not, they do not know where to begin, let alone ensure success.


Whether it is lack of knowledge, resources, or fear of failure, channel partners tend to fall back on traditional marketing, while some may even neglect to use Market Development Funds (MDF) provided to them; even if they come to you for assistance, it’s too costly and time-consuming for you, or your agency, to help every partner run Google Ads campaigns.

In other words, enabling channel partners to run successful campaigns is both necessary and near impossible. That is, until now.

A one-of-a-kind solution

Luckily for you, TIE Kinetix and Google have formed an exclusive partnership and developed a proprietary solution to solve this all-too-common problem: Google Ads for the Channel.

Google Ads for the Channel allows you to centrally create and implement local Google Ads campaigns for all of your channel partners, and unlike other methods, it requires zero effort at the local level. You are in full control of your brand; you can say goodbye to a lack of visibility and waiting on the stars to align for your campaign to go live—everything happens on your watch. Then, when a customer clicks on one of your Ads, they will be automatically redirected to your closest reseller’s website.

Generate leads and insights

Google Ads for the Channel is a highly manageable and efficient solution for channel managers who are eager to optimize their indirect sales channel and overall marketing strategy through digital marketing. 

Our solution has been proven to bring a 300% increase in leads generated through channel partners, but its value extends far beyond demand generation. Google Ads for the Channel produces invaluable end-consumer data which you can then use to make better-informed global marketing decisions across the board.

Ready to revolutionize digital marketing with your channel partners?

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