Easily Increase & Automate Lead Generation for Channel Partners & Resellers

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Did you know after researching partner programs, the channel pros from SiriusDecisions found, “partner’s #1 request is more leads”? It's logical that partners want to sell and (if you’re on the channel marketing side) it’s your team’s job to feed the entire indirect funnel.

Here’s How We Help Lead Generation for Channel Partners:

Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation for Channel Partners with Content: One of the biggest problems channel marketers have is ensuring partners have the right content on their website. With TIE Kinetix, we ensure that your partners have updated content paired with lead generation forms to capture prospects exactly at that ‘ah ha’ moment.
  • Lead Generation for Channel Partners with Social Media: Social media marketing is a hot topic and applying it to the channel couldn’t be easier. With TIE Kinetix, we not only allow you to broadcast your social messages through your partners automatically, we also connect those messages back to the content we’ve syndicated back on the partner’s website. It’s always about attracting the right target for your partners. This is how we do it socially.
  • Lead Generation for Channel Partners with Email: Email is still the most effective way to drive demand. The problem with bringing email marketing to the partner community is work. It takes too much time for partners to pull together an entire email campaign. With TIE Kinetix, we automatically prepopulate all of the co-branded emails for your partner community. Not only that, we dynamically connect all emails back to your brand on the partner’s website. This way all partners need to do is upload their own list and press the send button.
  • Lead Generation for Channel Partners with PPC: Do you give partners budget to run their own Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns? Many partner programs run this through MDFs with little or no visibility into how the money is spent or any ROI. With TIE Kinetix, brands can automatically run geo-targeted Google PPC campaigns for their partners. Partners don’t need to lift a finger – except for when the qualified leads hit their inbox.

"TIE Kinetix is an absolutely critical vehicle for launching Unify’s campaigns and new solutions throughout the channel.” – Unify


Learn More About Lead Generation

Learn More About Lead Generation

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